5 RICHEST POKER PLAYERS IN THE WORLD TODAY – There is a saying “money is not everything as long as you are the best at it”, and this adage is very true in the world of poker. There are many who argue in the world of gambling that being a bookie will always win, but in fact in this poker game you will not fight against the bookie but fellow players.

In the game of poker you will play against other players by relying on your luck and ability to play and predict the cards that are played. There are some daftar situs poker idn online terbaik players who have a very good card rhythm so that they can win a large amount of money in a poker game that they participate in. Throughout its journey, Poker has always undergone changes little by little that are always up to date with the times. Poker is an entertainment event that is draining enough thoughts to be able to continue to win, and now with the development of poker technology it has become very familiar to the public because of its ease of play and can be accessed anywhere via the internet.

From this game of poker too, some people are noted as people who are successful in playing it and win quite a lot of money from playing poker. We have summarized the 5 richest poker players in the world, including:

1 . Chris Ferguson

Wealth: $ 25 Million

This 55 year old man was born in California. Managed to win five World Series of Poker titles as well as several other poker tournaments. Ferguson is a child born to educated parents. Both Ferguson’s parents have Ph.D. in mathematics and his father is a teacher who teaches game theory at UCLA.

Ferguson himself, with a slightly rugged appearance, has a Pd.D. in computer science. His ability to play poker made him rich and Ferguson also has a private Online Poker room called Full Tilt Poker.

2. Erik Seidel

Net worth: US $ 41 million

This father of two children is an American Professional Poker player and he has won the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour title.

Apart from being a pro poker player, he also plays in the world of stocks. Erik once made a statement that education is not that important in the world of poker.

With his ability to play poker, Erik was ranked as the best poker player in 2011 for 15 weeks in a row. This achievement is a source of pride for him that cannot be challenged.

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3. Phil Ivey

Wealth: US $ 100 million

Ivey is one of the best poker players out there. Ivey has won 10 World Series of Poker titles and one World Tour Poker title. Not quite the record he already had, Ivey appeared in 9 finals of the World Poker Tour. With his ability to play poker, Ivey is Agen Casino Online to have a fortune of over US $ 100 million from playing poker.

At that time, Ivey was inspired by the Tiger Woods of Poker event which made him train together with his co-workers. Apart from playing poker, Ivey also runs his business in two profitable companies. Ivey, who already has this abundant wealth, is not arrogant and continues to hang out with his community and also gives part of his wealth to be donated in the form of charity.

4. Sam Farha

Wealth: US $ 100 million

Farha has Lebanese-American blood. In the early 1990s Farha had dedicated his life to playing poker and since then he has become a well-known poker player. Farha was also runner-up at the Wordl Series of Poker in 2003, but unfortunately lost to Chris Moneymaker.

Despite failing the WSOP tournament, Farha has never experienced financial problems. Farha is said to have a wealth of US $ 100 million and Farha is also known as a shrewd businessman. He has also written books on Omaha Poker strategy and has also worked on several American reality TV and several video games.

5. Dan Bilzerian

Wealth: US $ 150 million

With his lifestyle, who doesn’t know this person? This man with the cap of playboy, glamor, possession of firearms, luxury cars and this woman is very famous in the world of poker and also in cyberspace through his Instagram account which always displays his activities. During his time as a professional poker player, Bilzerian has won millions of dollars from the results of poker tournaments and other competitions.

According to the news, Bilzerian’s wealth has now reached US $ 150 million and that makes him the top richest poker player of this century. Bilzerian is also rumored to have played acting.

These are the 5 successful poker players who have become rich because of their extraordinary ability to play poker. Hopefully it can inspire you.


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