8 “Gods of Gambling” Who Beat Casinos

Winning and losing playing poker is something that is commonplace. However, below are some of the world’s gambling players who because of their genius in manipulating victory, have come to be called the “Gods of Gambling” and are famous throughout the ages. Intelligence in technology, physics, mathematics they do to beat the casino and its dealers. Here are 8 gods of gambling and their journey of life beating casinos.

1. Edward Thorp

One of them is a mathematics professor who has a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics. Thorp is more like being called the father of counting because of his skill in calculating and observing so he created a system that “counts for Varies in those (cards) of money remaining after a certain hand is dealt.

Initially, Thorp was completely unfamiliar with casino games and the world of gambling. It started when he and his wife were invited by a friend to go to Las Vegas, he became interested in the game of Blackjack and after playing Casino Online Terpercaya several times he was convinced that he could use a systematic system to gain victory.

After the gamble was exploited, Thorp applied his numerical genius to the stock market and made huge profits. How about your numeracy skills? Do you want to be like Throp?

2. Richard Marcus

Sometimes our attention is attached to people who gain fame because of an action or deed that cannot be treated as an accomplishment. Suppose a person who escaped from prison for tampering with security systems and hackers who beat computer systems and code, etc. Cheating in casino play can be referred to as the same category. But these people deserve to be known and admired by others because they have a blinding mind that can cheat in casinos and get big wins.

This is what Richard Marcus, one of the greatest casino cheaters in gambling history, did. At first Markus was known as an honest player who tried to make a living at the casino table. However, he lost more than he won, so this young man was constantly looking for ways to outsmart how to win playing at the casino. From then on he started making different schemes.

This guy bet 3 red chips for $ 5, which obviously won’t arouse the dealer’s interest. So imagine what the dealer’s reaction would be if the player started dancing and screaming to imitate happiness when there were 3 red chips and a win in the hand. The player also screams that for his last chocolate chip and at that moment the dealer sees the tiny $ 500 chocolate chip answered in red which means a win over $ 1000. Richard Marcus decided to retire in 2000. At that time his income from cheating in casino play was made around 7,000,000 pounds. In fact, he had time to create a book called “American Roulette” which is quite famous about successful cheaters. What do you think?

3. MIT blackjack team

The best-selling film “21” is based on the story of the MIT Blackjack Team.
Among you must have seen the film “21”, this film tells the story of a group of students who use a unique system to win big wins playing at the casino. It turns out that this film is not just fiction, this film is based on the story of “MIT Blackjack Team”. It all started at MIT in 1958 with a professor named Edward Thorp. Thorp’s brilliant intuition led them to win in the game of Blackjack.

In the summer of 1994, more than thirty years after Thorp’s “Beat Dealer” Book (1962), a group of students were secretly recruited to put blackjack theory in place and newly developed training methods to the test. Combining knowledge and wisdom from past experiences with a new training approach, this ingenious group of MIT students sets out to conquer Vegas, marking the beginning of the legendary move of the MIT Blackjack Team. This team went on to win millions and take blackjack to incredible heights.

The exploits of this notorious blackjack team were noted in Ben Mezrich’s bestselling book, Bringing Down the House, which was the basis for the major film “21”. Have you watched this film?

4. Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio

Another casino manipulation, a Rhode Island man was arrested Wednesday and charged with casino counterfeiting slot tokens. The New Jersey State Police, FBI, Secret Service and other investigative agencies executed a search warrant in Pawtucket, RI, the home of Louis “The Coin” Colevecchio and found hundreds of slot tokens produced for Connecticut, New Jersey and Las Vegas Casinos.

It also seized dye, molds, chemicals, various metals for the manufacture of counterfeit machines and $ 5,100 in cash, police said. Another search was carried out on Colavecchio’s business, Cambridge Orthotics in North Providence, and the same items were taken into custody along with detailed records. Tokens produced for both Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun (see also: 8 largest and most luxurious casinos in the world).

Before Colavecchio can move around the casino, he has to do some homework. He also needed some serious equipment. Colavecchio’s expert analysis revealed he needed the following: precious metals including copper, zinc, nickel and laser-cutting tools to cut, shape to create coins. The coins are tokens, used in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Connecticut.

When state police brought in samples of the Colevecchio product for Foxwoods, experts didn’t believe it was a fake. Some call it masterpierce. State police advise casinos to track supplies. Colavecchi has 750 counterfeit tokens, fake police IDs, pistols, casino maps and various casino documents. Everyone takes their turn to catch Colavecchio. He hired the former Rhode Island Attorney General as his attorney. Total of at least $ 50,000 in fake tokens.

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5. Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael’s adventures at a cheating casino spanned more than four decades starting in the 1960s. After he was introduced to a “top-bottom joint” by a friend, Carmichael went from operating a televege shop to make money on the Las Vegas Strip by tricking money from a slot machine.

The first arrest for cheating was in 1985 when it was stopped by the police and finally sentenced to five years in prison. Using a plan devised while he was locked up, Carmichael continued the fraud after his release. Carmichael developed a new tool, monkey claw, to transform and hack into slot machines.

As slot machine technology evolved, the trick Carmichael also did was with the invention of the glow stick in 1991, working on the new electronic slot machine in the same way that he went on to sell these devices to other cheaters, with some banking over $ 10,000 a day using the tool. Carmichael continues to operate, under the radar, tricking the casino broadcast machines of their money. He was arrested in 1996 and charged with possession and manufacturing of fraudulent equipment but charges were later dropped. Carmichael was lucky at the time, but not so lucky with subsequent arrests in 1998 and 1999.

6. Ida Summers

Ida Summers “The Vegas Vixen” The most famous female casino player of all time
Unlike any other, Ida Summers is a woman. She was one of the only professional casino women notorious for her fraud to be arrested. Ida Summers isn’t the only woman who cheats in casinos, it’s just that most men do it with women as a diversion.

Ida Summers operated in Las Vegas casinos during the 1960’s and 1970’s, he nicknamed his name “The Vegas Vixen”. she uses her physical appearance, she is flirtatious, very good at making people comfortable with her to her advantage. his real talent is much less visible, he is really skilled at magic, from these skills he uses to cheat casinos and make thousands of dollars.

Summers in this case will take certain cards from the table while playing without their knowledge. At the right time, the card is then returned to the table to help make the win with his cheating. Doing this without attracting attention is not easy, but summers managed to attract the attention of all the masterminds.

Not only did he stop there, he moved on to using the more violent technique “Deck Switching”. This involves exchanging all replacement cards. This card was substituted by ensuring Summers was the winner. He or she may also have “playing feet” at the table to ensure this benefit.

7. Keith Taft

Keith Taft is one of those computer geeks who uses his skills to beat casinos. He spent 30 years of his life developing this technique. Although this legend has only a background in teaching music and physics, he holds bachelors in these two subjects. He approached all the gambling with care.

He remembers Thorp’s ability to beat blackjack with certain tactics. he immediately did as much research as he could on basic blackjack and card counting strategies. He decided to build a device that would do the job for him. In 1972 Taft finished the first version of his device, he named it “George”. this is a heavy and awkward machine that has to be programmed manually. Even so, his first trip to Reno with his son Marty proved to be a success. She tied the machine to her stomach and hid the “swicth” in several parts of her body under her clothes. With the help of the LED recessed lights on his glasses, he managed to communicate with the machine. Taft developed a smaller device called “David”. Taft then started to form a team.

There is one major difference between how “George” and “David” are operated. George will send information to one player but “David” sends a signal to the “Big Player” on the card counter team. The team had an 80% success rate pocketing over $ 100,000 a little over a month.

8. Dominic LoRiggio

Dominic LoRiggio has two nicknames: “The Dominator” and “The Man with Golden Arm”. He managed to use his intelligence to make his career successful. This genius has expertise in controlling the dice with the concept of holding the dice in a certain way. There are some people who say that manipulating the dice is impossible, but Dominic managed to win good stakes with his technique. At some point, LoRiggio started moving in with Frank Scoblete. Scoblete is a gambler and writer. Both use “Shooting Control” and win thousands of dollars from several different casinos.

“Shooting techniques” are said to be non-illegal. They force the dice thrower to roll in different ways. LoRinggio as a modern gambler has gone from breaking vegas with dice to teaching dice throwing, poker and pai gow. He’s also been in over 200 tournaments and usually finishes above 20%.


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