Easy Ways to Win Playing the Online Credit Deposit Slot Gambling Game

Easy Ways to Win Playing Online Slots Gambling Games Credit Deposit – For those of you online gambling players, of course, you are familiar with the types of online slot game games. Slot games are the most popular games compared to other online gambling games, this is due to the large number of enthusiasts who play in this very fun game. There are many reasons behind the most popular online gambling game today, one of which is having a level of play that is very easy to play. The percentage of wins in playing online slot games is quite high.

To make it easier to be able to win this slot game game, then you must first join an agent on the Online Credit Deposit Gambling Site. Agents from the best sites will provide various kinds of the best services and provide lots of facilities that can make members and players feel at home playing and are reluctant to leave the site. There are lots of trusted online gambling agents that you can find through search sites.

Easy Ways to Win Playing the Most Trusted Online Credit Deposit Gambling Game 2020

Even though this slot gambling game is known as one of the easiest online gambling games to play and win. But you also have to know how and the rules of playing judi slot pulsa, so that the chances of being able to conquer this game are easier for you to achieve. Not only that, you also need a strategy to play slot games that are right in order to win this online gambling game and get many multiple benefits. We have summarized some easy ways to play slot game gambling so that you can win this game and get lots of benefits. All of that can also make you get the biggest variety of jackpots from playing the latest 2020 slot gambling on the easy-to-win slot gambling sites and the easiest jackpots as below:

Read the Guide to Play In playing a game, reading the guide and how to play is very important so that you don’t go wrong in playing the game. The most effective way is to ask senior players who win the game more often, so that in addition to understanding how to play, you can also get the strategies he uses when playing.

Choose the type of slot game with the highest number of jackpots. If you play and prioritize profit, choose the type of slot game with a large jackpot. That way the opportunity to get a lot of benefits becomes easier.

Choose the type of slot game that is rarely played. Luck in Agen Casino Indonesia online slots does not only come naturally, but you also have to be careful in paying attention to the opportunities for the biggest online gambling agent to get that good fortune. If you want to be lucky and bring lots of prizes, then we recommend choosing the type of game that is rarely played by other slot players. Usually the type of game that is rarely played by people is easier to get the jackpot out.

If you are a beginner player who is new to the world of gambling, then we recommend starting the game with the lowest bet value first so that the capital used when playing does not run out quickly. And if you lose while playing, then you won’t get a very big loss.

So, those are some easy ways to win in online slot gambling games. You can also add other strategies and modify them according to your needs while playing. Good luck and good luck.


How to Win Casino and Online Gambling

Trusted Casino in Indonesia is a place to play Poker, Dice and Slot Machines, these games are the most popular games for rubber players, if you look at the casino the bigger the Casino the bigger the products in it. Casino has been available since ancient times, especially in Europe and others. Casino is a place where people help their assets in this Casino product. Agile balls also often have an effect in very luxurious places such as in hotels or apartments, not only that the Casino also always has a food sales channel and a very beautiful swimming pool which aims to make those who visit the Casino be made at ease so they feel at home and linger. at the Trusted Casino in Indonesia. the best slot gambling site

Online Live Casino serving has been very popular in several European countries, especially in Italy. In the less than 1800’s, an agile ball was made to float in the waters of the Ohio Rivers. As technology advances, we are not looking for a casino anymore, now we are able to enjoy online casinos. At this time there are sites that provide Live Casino Online and are certainly safe and reliable.

Live Bola tangkas Online has attracted a number of situs casino terpercaya players, this has created a competition in the Live Casino Online business. Agile Live Betting has many game descendants including:

  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Sicbo
  • Live Six Baccarat
  • Live Blackjack

the same as Sportsbook betting, Live Casino Agen Bola Terbesar also has different betting partner prices.

How to Win Online Gambling Games

The first thing you must understand is that you must first find out how to play Online Gambling well and correctly. If you want to play online betting, you should first read the correct rules of play on every online gambling website, to prevent you from making the wrong reviews in the Online Betting game. You also have to have your own strategy to win the game.

Choosing a Game

You have to weigh your goals, do you want to excel in large numbers or vice versa? Are you in need of money, or will you stop playing when you win the game? do not you play gambling without reason and support, determine what you want to have before playing.

Know Everything to Avoid

If you wish to get a higher chance of winning, the crew is worth

need to do choose a game that gives more superior chances.

The way to play online and casino gambling is a very simple thing, which is famous for you to be able to refrain from lust and also have the courage to do something new. Without being afraid to test and Greetings from me to all of us energetic online gambling. list of trusted online slot gambling sites


How to win online soccer gambling at Sbobet agents

For anyone who plays soccer betting, of course, will have their respective tips which will later be used in playing soccer betting at an agent who has become the agent of choice. One of the sbobet asia agents that you can use to play online soccer gambling comfortably is the online sbobet online soccer gambling agent.

At the sbobet online soccer gambling agent you can play soccer gambling while getting big profits. One of the reasons why people love online soccer betting is because with soccer gambling someone will get their own pleasure that they may never have felt before.

Several Ways to Win in Soccer Gambling at Sbobet Agent

There are several ways that you can use to help you win in online soccer gambling at sbobet soccer betting agents. These methods include:

Do not immediately place a bet in the first half

The first way you can do to win in soccer gambling at sbobet agents is by not placing bets directly in the first half. This aims to avoid shock if the betting agen judi bola player has to lose in the first half and will be less enthusiastic when playing in the second half.

Every soccer gambling player must know the course of the ongoing game. If you don’t know the course of a match, it will be difficult to get a win in playing online soccer gambling. Login Sbobet.

Do not place bets on soccer gambling in minor leagues

You also don’t do this when trying to place bets on under. This error is what usually happens and is used as an opportunity by the dealer to be able to reap many more benefits from online soccer gambling. So do the under bet in big soccer leagues.

Choosing the league that awards the most goals to his opponent

You can place bets on the big leagues for example in the English league. With this English league you will benefit a lot.

Those are some tips that you can use when playing soccer gambling games at sbobet agents. Hope it is useful.

The most trusted soccer gambling betting in Indonesia at this time is indeed very popular and very interesting. Even the online sbobet betting exchange game promises a lot of advantages in betting on soccer gambling. What’s more, if you can follow one of the online soccer betting agent betting systems with the correct tricks and strategies, you can win bets very easily.

For betting, it requires a lot of careful preparation so that the betting results are profitable. These all deserve to be taken into account in the betting market. Do not occasionally bet without analysis in an online soccer gambling betting system. Always bet properly and correctly so that the results are pleasant.

Feel the Comfort of Betting at a Trusted Sbobet Agent

Making bets at a trusted sbobet gambling agent, of course, there will be lots of conveniences that can be achieved by every online gambling bettor. Choose one of the Sbobet Login systems that you are good at so that you can get all the profitable results. This is very important to always pay attention to in sbobet login soccer betting.

Prioritize to master and first understand the concept of betting well so that the results will be very profitable. This is important to pay attention to so that you can apply the right betting methods and concepts so that it is easy to get all the benefits in betting online soccer betting.

Lots of Bonuses

By placing a bet on a trusted Sbobet mobile, you can get lots of big and very promising bonuses. In fact, the profit bonus is very multiplied for all existing betting systems. This is very fun, of course, to be achieved.

Many facilities

Wap Sbobet is trusted to prioritize convenience for all bettors who like Asian Handicap betting in carrying out all gambling processes, be it registration or transactions so that the game can run smoothly without many obstacles.

Safe and comfortable

Playing at a trusted sbobetuk soccer gambling agent is safer and more comfortable so you are free to place bets. All of this you are sure to achieve in the stakes so that it is so very fun and incredibly incredible at betting.


The Most Trusted Football Gambling Site in Indonesia, Official and Quality

For bettors who are now in Indonesia, now there is good news because there has been a trusted soccer gambling site that is official and of high quality. This trusted soccer gambling site can be used as an option for you to place bets on soccer matches that are taking place. As the name implies, this trusted soccer gambling site certainly presents official services, betting and gaming that prioritizes the best quality.

That is why you now don’t need to place soccer bets at bookies or other agents, but enough on a trusted and official football gambling site. Stay tuned for the full review of this trusted soccer gambling site in full.

Reasons Why You Should Become a Member on a Trusted Football Gambling Site

Trusted Football Gambling Site

Soccer gambling itself is a bet that is opened by taking advantage of an ongoing soccer match. On this trusted soccer gambling site, bettors can freely choose which match they want to follow. This is because trusted Agen Bola Terbesar gambling sites provide complete bets.

To start taking part in bets opened by trusted soccer gambling sites, first you have to create an account by going through the registration process. This process will also make you join as an official member. That way, you will also be given an account which can be used to access any of the araki services available.

To join as a member, you only need to visit a trusted soccer gambling site and visit the registration page. In it, you are required to fill in your personal data Agen Sbobet Bola which is used as basic information about your account.

The process of becoming a member only lasts for five minutes and after that, you already have an account and can be used to be active in betting.

Why is being a member of a trusted soccer gambling site so recommended? One of them is because it is held officially. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that unwanted things will happen because the way the bet itself can be justified.

Another reason is because you can follow each bet with a small nominal. For this matter, a trusted soccer gambling site is perfect for those of you who are still pioneering or are still beginners in the world of online soccer betting. However, even though the bets placed are small, don’t let you be discouraged, because the profits you will get are still large and can even be many times over.

Trusted soccer gambling sites also present a complete betting market. Starting from the Asian Handicap, Mix Parlay, Over / Uunder, Evens / Odds, Correct Score, Half Time / Full Time betting markets, are available there.

Not only is the betting market complete, the features presented are also complete. These features will definitely help you to make your activities easier.

Trusted Football Gambling Site Provides 24-Hour Assistance Service

Trusted Football Gambling Agent

One form of accountability from a trusted soccer gambling site is to provide a support service that is always active 24 hours every day. So, bettors who need help will be given fast service.

Therefore, all you have to do is convey what problems you are facing and later, the assistance service will handle it completely and you can return to your activities as you should.

How, are you still thinking about becoming a member of a trusted soccer gambling site? Don’t be too long, register now and play every bet contained in it.



For some online gambling players, maybe they only know one type of poker with their brides card game. However, this gambling game itself has several types, even a lot. If we play or join one of the trusted poker gambling agent sites, maybe each player will find several variants of the card gambling game in it. Even though each type of game has almost the same rules and ways to play, there are still some differences and excitement from each. For some old poker gamblers, at least they are familiar with some of these types of online card games which are quite popular and are usually played by many fans. In order to be able to increase experience as well as knowledge about the game,

Get to know the various types of the best poker games

Some of the best poker gambling games are usually the types which are always provided by trusted gambling sites. In addition, getting to know several types of games, of course, can improve the ability of each player to play poker online 77. Most gamblers are probably only familiar with Texas Holdem. But in fact, apart from these types, there are also several other types of poker games which are more interesting and worth a try. As for some of the best and most popular types of poker gambling games at trusted gambling agents, including the following, namely:

Omaha Poker

Omaha is a variant or type of the latest poker game and is quite popular with Situs Agen Sbobet. This type of card game can be played by anyone easily. The reason is, the game application itself has been provided by many online gambling providers. So that it can be played via any device. Like Texas Holdem, Omaha also has almost the same way and rules of the game. But still, the two types of poker have some significant differences. As well as the number of cards played by each player. In the Omaha game, each player will play 4 cards each. Then, each player will also be given the opportunity to take the next card. Some of the options that also exist in this Omaha are raise, check, all in, call and fold.

Texas Holdem Poker

Among the several types of poker games available, Texas Holdem is arguably one of the most popular and familiar among gamblers. Texas holdem is also the type of game that has raised the big name of the poker game. As the rules of play, Texas holdem is also commonly played by 9 players. Each gambler will deal with the dealer 2 cards at the beginning of the bet. The goal, of course, is to come up with the best combination. Then adjust it to the number of 5 cards. One of the interesting things about this Texas Holdem game is the jackpot feature.

Video Poker

This type of poker is the most innovative and newest variant of the poker gambling game. Different types in general, this one gambling game is almost the same as a slot game that is played on a special machine. So that it is categorized as a type of arcade game. This gambling game has carried a digital system, where every bettor will bet against a computer which has been programmed automatically in it. To feel how fun it is, players don’t need to go to the casino. Because the game can be played through a trusted online casino gambling agent site. There’s a lot of fun that bettors can find playing it. Although these video poker games are not as competitive as other types of betting.



List of names of the best poker players in the world: The game of poker is no stranger to the ears of people all over the world, but do you know who are the TOP / Best poker players in the world? .

The following is the list along with the order:

1. Antonio Esfandiari ($26.554.698)

Antonio Esfandiari, whose real name is Amir Efandiari, is a player whose nationality is Iran, to be precise, born in Tehran, Iran. Antonio has played poker for the first time since the age of 20 and has won several world tournaments that have put him in the top ranking. due to his great talent he was nicknamed

2. Sam Trickett ($20.741.558)

Sam trickett is the world’s TOP poker daftar poker pulsa player. Before he became a poker player, Sam was a soccer player but unfortunately his work on the green field failed, which is what made Sam take him out in the game of poker. originally from Nottingham. and managed to occupy the first position 10 times.

3. Phil Hellmuth($16.225.365)

Phil Hellmuth The terror (Poker Brat), is not a random nickname, but Agen Casino Terbesar he often terrorizes his opponents at the table. And people stand on the same level as Michael Jordan and Tiger woods in the poker world. Phill has also won the Tournament The Seven card stud High – low. With such a pretty game, he was able to get three gold bracelets in 1 year. #

4.Phil Ivey ($15.055.789)

Phil ivey Won the tournament Atlantic city. He also won a brilliant victory with a total of 9 World Series Poker bracelets at a young age.

Victory at Poker Challenge by defeating billionaire Andy Beal in February 2006, his name immediately skyrocketed due to the total prize pool received of $ 16,160,000.

5 John Juanda ($ 14,226,752)

THE ONLY world-class poker player born in Indonesia, a man who is 43 years old and has not yet been married. Before entering the world of poker, he had sold the Bible door to door. he is known for his quiet but deadly playing style.

John has collected at least 3 World Series bracelets, and managed to appear 5 times in the final. The location that he really misses in his homeland is the largest lake in the world LAKE TOBA


Tips for playing online gambling and poker to become great

Tips for Playing Online Gambling and Poker to Become Great – Tips for Playing Qq Online Gambling and Poker to Become Great.

Online qq gambling is gambling on the internet network that is easily accessible by players in various worlds, online poker gambling service providers offer promos for prospective players, and if you are a new player on the online gambling site you come to the right page , Here We Try To Give A Little Input In The Form Of Tips To Play Online Gambling And Poker qq To Great.

Choosing a Gambling Site

The first step you need is to find which online gambling site to play pokerqiuqiu with. We highly recommend choosing the best gambling site because there are so many fake gambling sites lately. Here are some suggestions for knowing whether online gambling sites are good or not.

Lightweight And No Lagging Appearance

  • Provides Live Chat / Detailed Info For Players For 24 hours
  • Bonus Turn over Dan Bonus Referral
  • Fast Deposit and Withdrawal Services

Choosing a Trusted Gambling Agent That Is Right With Your Will And Providing Good Service Is A Good Gambling Site. All online gambling sites must have their respective strengths and weaknesses, so for those of you as a prospective player you must choose which site you will play wisely. Here are some tips for playing online gambling.

Smart in Choosing a Table on the qq Online Poker Gambling Site

When you play, there will be many tables that can be played. Starting from the table with the smallest stakes to the biggest bets. if you are still a newbie player, it would be nice if you play at the table with the smallest stakes first to gain profit at the online qq poker game table.

Play With A Cold Head (CALM)

With this attitude, you will play casually in no hurry. otherwise, you will take the wrong decision what happens is it is difficult to find victory.


Poker qq online is a card game that shares the rules and bets Agen Casino Terbaik in hand rankings, and here are tips for playing poker until it is great.

Don’t Fold Too Often

Maybe this looks normal but those who fold too often are the first mistakes players make. If at the beginning you have got a card that is not too good, you can fold it instead of waiting for the dealer to open the first 3 cards at the table to avoid further betting money.

Don’t Bully Your Opponent Just To Make Your Opponent Down

A lot of Beginners Bluffing opponents is a good technique, but that’s not exactly how it works. There are no restrictions for players doing the technique, but players often feel like they don’t win much when they use this technique.

Focus Attention On The Cards – The Cards On The Table

When you first start playing, it is enough just to remember the gameplay and watch the cards in your own hand and read the game by looking at the cards that are distributed on the table.

Choose a Dimeja Game that suits your skill and bankroll

Do not ever try to change your bankroll level, like you won the game Dimeja $ 2/4 and then moved to the table with a higher bet $ 5/10. it will only increase your selfishness for a while after you lose at the table, all the efforts you have won will feel in vain.



INDONESIAN POKER PLAYERS GO INTERNATIONAL A REAL STORY – John Juanda, a poker professional from Medan, Indonesia. For a man from Medan, North Sumatra, who was once a world poker icon, gambling can be a profession if done professionally.

In 2014, John Juanda’s name was a hot topic of discussion for his achievement in winning the World Series Of Poker (WSOP).

John has not only won the WSOP once but five times, namely in 2002,2003,2008,2011, and finally in 2014.

From his achievements in winning five WSOP times, John won a total prize pool of USD 2,540,369 or around Rp.29 billion.

In 1996, John Juanda completed his master’s degree at Seattle University. It was during his undergraduate studies that John spent his spare time in college to gamble poker at a casino which is located not far from the Seattle University campus.

In 1999, John Juanda took part in his first WSOP championship. At that time he was ranked ninth and was awarded a prize of $ 1500.

John Juanda

Starting from there, this man who was born on July 8, 1971 decided to Agen Casino Indonesia an international gambler. John Juanda’s name in the world of poker is very popular, even in the world series of poker (WSOP) which took place in the UK in 2008, overnight John was able to earn Rp.19 billion worth of money, an achievement that makes other professional gamblers envy.

Playing bandar sakong online terpercaya and the game of poker have been blooming in John Juanda’s memory since he was a child. Because, the eldest of four siblings often saw his father playing gambling, what he remembered most was his father’s habit of always drinking alcohol while gambling due to defeat. These bad memories make Juanda never drink alcohol while playing poker.

Uniquely, even though he doesn’t drink, this man who is known as JJ still orders drinks. The drink is given to his opponent.

John got to know poker when he traveled to America to continue his bachelor’s education in 1990. On the plane his classmate introduced him to a game that uses playing cards.

After completing his undergraduate education in Oklahoma State, he then continued his S2 at Seattle University. After earning his MBA in 1996, Juanda chose poker as his livelihood.

John Juanda is listed as having started participating in professional poker tournaments since 1999. At that time, he listed his name at number ninth.

john juanda with jennifer harman at poker hall of fame.

briefly months later, in the same tournament he finished seventh and was entitled to a value of $ 399.60.

During the summer of 2000, Juanda established himself as a rising star in professional poker tournaments when he managed to finish six times.

At the US Poker Championship tournament in Atlantic City, he managed to finish in second place and was entitled to a cash prize of USD 159 thousand. John Juanda admits that all his victories in poker tournaments around the world cannot be separated from God’s intervention.

Because of that, as a form of gratitude, he plans to provide free medical care to the community when he retires from playing poker. The plan is that the money he earns can help fellow human beings who need help, especially regarding free medical treatment.



Warm greetings to readers who have taken the time to read this article. Many players certainly have the same chance of winning and losing, it all depends on the person who plays it. But sometimes sometimes we can change the winning percentage which should be 40% to up to 80% in certain ways.

Winning while playing poker is every player’s dream, including yourself. But sometimes what we expect is not what happens when we play.

Poker itself is a game that is a little difficult to win because this game does not depend on the type of card you get, but how and how you play. You must think that a big hand like AK has a better chance of winning. In fact, this is just nonsense in the game of poker, let alone real money poker.

Online Poker Gambling Site

Have you ever gotten an AK card and you were immediately ALL-IN and in the end you lost with your opponent’s card which was only worth 2 and 3, of course you have experienced it, they are CHEAP ?, they are BOT ?, they are ADMINS ?. the answer is NO !! Then why is it like that ?.

as I explained above, the game of poker is not based on what cards you get. the game of poker requires skill and playing experience as well as a few cheating techniques to win it.

This article will give you how to win to play kumpulan situs poker online terpercaya with guaranteed cheat techniques that you can use to play your favorite poker.

But before entering the cheating techniques that I will give, it’s a good idea to see tips for playing on the Trusted Poker web in Indonesia.

The most basic thing you have to know is how to play poker. You have to know various basics in poker games such as the order of cards, types of cards, the percentage of winning cards you have and so on.

These tips may help you a little, pay attention to how your opponent plays, if your opponent often folds and on a certain round he does an all-in there is a possibility that the card he gets is a high value card or pair.

Bandar Bola Online

if you already understand the basics of the game then you just have to understand and understand how to play it. The cheating method that I will teach you is about how to bully your opponent to hear a mediocre card.

This technique is proven to be effective for you to run. But don’t use this technique too often because your opponent can read how you play. if you are using this technique then try using it by switching tables. meaning that if you have done it once, try at another Agen Live Casino to do it so that your way of playing is not caught.

There are 2 types of techniques to bully opponents, namely:

Pure bluff, which means that you immediately bully your opponent from the moment the cards are dealt, this is to make your opponent afraid so they don’t continue the game.

This semi bluff can be done at the end of the round, where you can do an all-in technique at the end of the bet. but before doing so look at the situations and conditions because of the very dangerous technique if your opponent has a pair of cards. If your opponent always checks you can be embarrassing, if in that round someone raises, it’s a good idea not to follow this method.

That’s how to win to play poker with guaranteed cheat techniques that you can use to play your favorite online poker game.

make sure the plan you are going to do is not read by your opponent. Hopefully luck always, stay tuned for updates to interesting articles that I will dedicate to all of you.



HOW TO PLAY POKER ONLINE TO WIN CONTINUALLY LOSE – As a person who plays with the real money you have, it is certain that a poker gambling player wants to try to always feel victory. It is true that winning and losing gambling games is a common thing, but of course it will be an unpleasant experience if you often experience defeat rather than victory, because every player wants to be able to enjoy the winnings often rather than lamenting their lost money because of playing.

Therefore, the following will be reviewed about how to play situs poker idnplay poker so that you win and rarely lose.

If compared to other types of gambling games, poker is arguably familiar, even if you are a person who likes to play cards, then maybe you are quite proficient at playing poker.

If you want to win in gambling, it cannot be denied that you need a variety of tricks and strategies that are mature to apply.

In addition, if you play online gambling, then you also need to pay attention to the quality of service smoothly, at the same time you can smoothly enjoy the winning money you make from the online poker gambling game you play.


At least in the application of tricks and strategies when playing poker, how to play online poker so that you always win that you can apply, including the following:

Consider carefully when placing a bet after knowing the hand card. hand card is the term for the first card you receive in a game of poker. Now, if the hand card you receive is good enough and worthy of being a superior card, then you shouldn’t hesitate to place a bet in a large enough value, but if on the other hand, you need to consider carefully when you place a bet at the Agen Casino Sbobet.

See the 3 cards that are opened on the table to make the game continue with a bigger bet or give up and close the cards to end the game, then you should be smarter in combining the values ​​of the 3 cards that are opened on the table with the cards you hold. If the card combination is good, you can continue the game by increasing the bet value at the table, but if you feel that the card combination is less convincing, then you shouldn’t push yourself too much.

Smart in doing bluffing techniques which is a term of bluffing in the game of poker.This method can make your opponent easily give up if he has a bad card combination or the opponent should be more confident with the card combination they have and decide to double the bet

smart in choosing a playing table, if you are among those who want to choose to play at a small age, because then automatically there will be less competition.

Playing calmly and not in a hurry you should need to apply it when playing poker gambling. If you are in a hurry to determine your steps, it is feared that the results you will get will not be optimal because you may even miss the opportunity to get a better card combination because you are too hasty in making decisions.

That’s how to play poker online in order to win and rarely lose.


How To Become A Great And Reliable Poker Player

How to Become a Great and Reliable Poker Player – Becoming a great poker player with unbeatable skills is indeed quite difficult. However, that doesn’t show you don’t have a chance to do it. There are many things you have to consider. Playing poker is not just playing technique and strategy. However, it is more your view of your opponent’s abilities.

Analysis of your opponent’s abilities, at least, is something you must do. With this, then you have practiced how to become a great and reliable poker bandar qq online terpercaya player. Even though you have never read and listened to this in full regarding this matter. it is much more effective and experienced.

However, that was not enough. From some matches you have to keep improving. Look for an opponent with good abilities. In addition, a stable opponent’s performance that is not easily suppressed is a good type of opponent. Especially related to increasing your abilities. You Can Try It Here FREE! .

There are several other specific exercises that are necessary and important to you. This is useful for improving your abilities. Every day, you must have new experiences. At the very least, you must be willing and able to upgrade abilities. One of them is a guide on how to become a great and reliable poker player:

1. Start As Early As Possible

Playing world poker started building his career at the age of under 25 years. In particular, for poker players who are able to win world series poker champions. The sooner you start, the greater your chance to become a champion quickly.

The age factor cannot be denied. Has a significant share of making a poker player more than usual. The younger you are, the more aggressive your style of play can be. More than any other poker player.

2. Absolutely Reliable

That is, you shouldn’t be half-assed when learning the game of poker. You have to be an ever-expanding and dissatisfied person. So, you have the opportunity to become a reliable poker player. Not only reliable in one area, but in other areas with various Agen Judi Casino.

3. Opponents like everything

Do not stay in your comfort zone. Move in all directions. Playing with anyone gives you more experience. Facing different types of opponents makes you more aware. That winning the game is not enough to capitalize on technical knowledge alone. However, also the field.

In addition, you will automatically get new experiences. Especially regarding the types of improvised games. Each player must have their own playing character. So, you must get to know more details about this.

Sometimes you have to be willing to get tired of luring your opponent out all his techniques so that you know the truth, whatever he uses during play.

4. Avoid playing hold’em poker alone

Avoid playing in hold’em poker, you can play others such as bandarQ, QQ, Sakong at At the very least, you have to know exactly how to play Omaha, 5-card draw, and 7-card stud. The more variety of poker games you know, the more knowledgeable you will be.

It could be that one day you will face a tournament with poker variations. And, you can win it too. That is why, you must often hear of successful poker players with good playing techniques even though they are faced with various types of poker game variations.



5 RICHEST POKER PLAYERS IN THE WORLD TODAY – There is a saying “money is not everything as long as you are the best at it”, and this adage is very true in the world of poker. There are many who argue in the world of gambling that being a bookie will always win, but in fact in this poker game you will not fight against the bookie but fellow players.

In the game of poker you will play against other players by relying on your luck and ability to play and predict the cards that are played. There are some daftar situs poker idn online terbaik players who have a very good card rhythm so that they can win a large amount of money in a poker game that they participate in. Throughout its journey, Poker has always undergone changes little by little that are always up to date with the times. Poker is an entertainment event that is draining enough thoughts to be able to continue to win, and now with the development of poker technology it has become very familiar to the public because of its ease of play and can be accessed anywhere via the internet.

From this game of poker too, some people are noted as people who are successful in playing it and win quite a lot of money from playing poker. We have summarized the 5 richest poker players in the world, including:

1 . Chris Ferguson

Wealth: $ 25 Million

This 55 year old man was born in California. Managed to win five World Series of Poker titles as well as several other poker tournaments. Ferguson is a child born to educated parents. Both Ferguson’s parents have Ph.D. in mathematics and his father is a teacher who teaches game theory at UCLA.

Ferguson himself, with a slightly rugged appearance, has a Pd.D. in computer science. His ability to play poker made him rich and Ferguson also has a private Online Poker room called Full Tilt Poker.

2. Erik Seidel

Net worth: US $ 41 million

This father of two children is an American Professional Poker player and he has won the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour title.

Apart from being a pro poker player, he also plays in the world of stocks. Erik once made a statement that education is not that important in the world of poker.

With his ability to play poker, Erik was ranked as the best poker player in 2011 for 15 weeks in a row. This achievement is a source of pride for him that cannot be challenged.

3. Phil Ivey

Wealth: US $ 100 million

Ivey is one of the best poker players out there. Ivey has won 10 World Series of Poker titles and one World Tour Poker title. Not quite the record he already had, Ivey appeared in 9 finals of the World Poker Tour. With his ability to play poker, Ivey is Agen Casino Online to have a fortune of over US $ 100 million from playing poker.

At that time, Ivey was inspired by the Tiger Woods of Poker event which made him train together with his co-workers. Apart from playing poker, Ivey also runs his business in two profitable companies. Ivey, who already has this abundant wealth, is not arrogant and continues to hang out with his community and also gives part of his wealth to be donated in the form of charity.

4. Sam Farha

Wealth: US $ 100 million

Farha has Lebanese-American blood. In the early 1990s Farha had dedicated his life to playing poker and since then he has become a well-known poker player. Farha was also runner-up at the Wordl Series of Poker in 2003, but unfortunately lost to Chris Moneymaker.

Despite failing the WSOP tournament, Farha has never experienced financial problems. Farha is said to have a wealth of US $ 100 million and Farha is also known as a shrewd businessman. He has also written books on Omaha Poker strategy and has also worked on several American reality TV and several video games.

5. Dan Bilzerian

Wealth: US $ 150 million

With his lifestyle, who doesn’t know this person? This man with the cap of playboy, glamor, possession of firearms, luxury cars and this woman is very famous in the world of poker and also in cyberspace through his Instagram account which always displays his activities. During his time as a professional poker player, Bilzerian has won millions of dollars from the results of poker tournaments and other competitions.

According to the news, Bilzerian’s wealth has now reached US $ 150 million and that makes him the top richest poker player of this century. Bilzerian is also rumored to have played acting.

These are the 5 successful poker players who have become rich because of their extraordinary ability to play poker. Hopefully it can inspire you.


Tips for Safe Playing Online Poker Gambling for Beginners

Tips for Safe Playing Online Poker Gambling For Beginners – Online Poker Gambling is one of the popular gambling games. Initially, the poker gambling game was actually only able to be played at the casino.

Along with the development of times and technology, the process of playing poker gambling is also being developed so that it can be played online.

The Online Poker Gambling game system has since been well received, especially by most of the poker gambling players in Indonesia.

The reason is, the subsequent kumpulan situs judi qq online terpercaya players are unable to play because the Indonesian state actually strictly prohibits gambling in any form.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Real Money Poker game can be played online at idnplay poker agents and received very well.

With the online gaming process, players do not have to go far to visit online casinos in other countries just to play poker.

Tips for Safe Playing Online Poker For Beginners

To be able to play online poker gambling, players only have to look for the right and reliable Online Poker Agent to make transactions.

In this regard, the poker agent has a very absolute role for the game and counts your chances of winning in play.

Apart from being a transaction facility, poker agents are also able to provide playing hints and solutions that will help increase your chances of winning.

This is specifically for those of you who are new to playing online poker gambling, or in other words, still beginners. Players who are still beginners are generally very Agen Sbobet Casino to losing because they don’t know how to play poker properly.

Therefore, mistakenly one of the most appropriate game patterns for players who remain beginners is the safe game pattern. Safe play patterns are actually difficult to profit from.

Tips for Safe Playing Online Poker Gambling for Beginners

However, playing along with a secure game pattern is able to hone the intellectual and patience of the player slowly.

Well, those safe guidelines for playing online poker gambling for beginners are what Admin will discuss in this article. Check out the next Tips for Winning Poker:

Become a Rocks Player. This is the most secure step of play that can be accomplished by a beginner in playing online poker gambling.

The Rocks game pattern is a game pattern in which the player keeps executing a Fold while getting a hand card that is not sufficiently supportive.

In this case, the player will only progress if he gets a good hand card. Playing together with this pattern of play will slowly sharpen the patience and self -control of the players.

Avoid Playing at the Big Betting Tables. In online poker gambling games, there are several table games along with different betting limits. Each table has a different pressure and level of difficulty.

The larger the betting limit of a table, the harder it is to calculate the win. So if you are considered a player who remains a beginner, you should stay away from the Large table up. In this case, You can only maximize Your game at the Medium table.

If a beginner plays at a large table, it is certain that the next player is digging his own grave.

Bring Sufficient Capital. When entering a game table, players who are still beginners will generally bring as much capital as possible to play.


Easy and Safe Way to Play BandarQ Online

An Easy and Safe Way to Play BandarQQ Online – Currently there are many types of gambling games that you can choose, which are easier and more exciting. As for the advantages that will be provided on the types of gambling games played Online gambling is a real money betting event with the advantage of real money too. You can also play this gambling easily and safely online. Like the easy way to play bandarqq online on the most trusted online gambling Semiqq site.

As well as there are many choices of exciting gambling games such as one of which is gambling that uses a card playing tool. As for one of them is bandarqq gambling which you can play with more fun. You can play poker99 deposit pulsa for this type of gambling game in an easier and more exciting way. As for being able to play easily for all kinds of games that you can choose from like this exciting bandarqq.

QQ Online Gambling Site

Play BandarQQ Online Gambling Games Safely and Easily

To start the BandarQQ gambling game, the steps you can take are an easier way. You can also play the easy way by following these steps:

1. You have to choose the best bookie and enter its main page.

2. You can also see a form display with data that is still blank and you need to fill in first with your correct and correct personal data.

3. You need to check again and immediately click send so that Agen Casino Terpercaya data can be processed.

4. Within two minutes you have an account and password according to your wishes and immediately login to the site, then you also need to click deposit.

5. You must have prepared your stake for the deposit payment. Then immediately fill out the form and include the amount you will pay.

6. The dealer will provide the transfer destination number and immediately pay your capital to the dealer. Your balance will automatically be filled and you can check it again.
7. With this capital, immediately click on the bandarqq gambling game and exchange your balance on the game credit and you can start playing BandarQQ gambling.

For this game, you can play in an easy way that is more exciting. Of course you can immediately play this gambling with a gaple card. In this game you can sit facing each other with other players at the table. Then you can immediately play by getting two cards that will be given by the dealer.

In this game you can play with as many as 8 players and one of them is a dealer. So in playing this bandarqq gambling, the player can turn into a dealer. As for the requirements to become a dealer, you must have a larger number of bets according to what has been determined. So later, after you become a dealer, you will have a greater chance of winning.


The history of poker from ancient times to Online poker in the world and Indonesia

History of poker from the past to become Online poker in the world and Indonesia – Poker has become a very popular game in the last 15 years, but the history of knowledge about the origin of this game is very confusing.

If you’re a fan of the sport of baseball, you’re probably no stranger to Abner Doubleday – the inventor of baseball. If you are a golf enthusiast, you probably know Royal & Ancient Golf Club, and the early history of the game being played in Scotland. But if you are a true poker player, know the history of this type of gambling betting game? Surely no one knows at all.

read: how to register Indonesian online poker betting bets

Part of this ignorance is because the history of poker itself is very difficult to pin down. The theory of origin of the game of poker depends on what you consider the basic elements of poker, whether the play poker darat or the money. The two of them had very different beginnings.

Where Did the Game of Poker Come From?

Until recently, world policy stated that poker was a game originating from the Persians called as-nas. As-nas is most likely the forerunner of today’s poker game, but lately historians have argued that poker is a derivative of the as-nas game, they are more convinced that other games are the parent of the modern poker game.

Each game has evidence to substantiate that it is the root of poker and each makes a reasonable claim about “where did poker come from?”

The Brag game, has a special identity and has the factors most Agen Casino to modern Online Poker because it has 2 reasons that are indicative of one another:

Come from an English-speaking country

Using antes

To put it simply, the bet is not determined by the round value of X, but up to 2 players only. Usually this game is played with a deck of 32 cards. “Three a kind” is the highest hand, so maybe this is where poker starts.

What is As-nas?

Back to the discussion about what as-nas, because this is a pretty interesting game. There are 20 cards in the as-nas deck, and there are 5 rank levels of the cards, in order of highest to lowest, are:

  • as (ace)
  • shah (king)
  • bibi (queen)
  • soldier
  • and the couli (dancer)

Each player gets 5 cards, meaning that all cards are divided evenly. The highest card combination is the same as we use today but minus straights and flashes. The winner is the person who has the best card combination.


History of the birth of the game of poker and international developments

History of the birth of the game of poker and its development internationally – Most researchers agree that the name poker comes from the French word poque, which in turn comes from the German word pochen – to knock. However it is uncertain whether Poker is really related to a card game where players have to knock on the table to mark certain situations. Poker bears some striking resemblance to the old Persian game called As Nas. Therefore some researchers suggest that As Nas was taught to French immigrants in New Orleans by Persian sailors, and later evolved into Poker in America. Poker also bears a resemblance to the Renaissance game called Primero and the French game known as Brelan. Then in England, Brelan finally developed rapidly into a game called Brag or Bragg,

One of the previously mentioned dominoQQ’s about Poker is from 1829, when an English actor named Joseph Crowell invented a type of card game in New Orleans where a deck of 20 cards is used by four players. Players make bets and try to guess which poker 777 online player has the best hand. In 1843, Jonathan H. Green published a book entitled “An Exposure to the Arts and Miseries of Gambling” in which he described how the game spread from New Orleans via riverboats in Mississippi. Playing games is a very popular pastime on the Mississippi river. As the game spreads, the rules are changed and a full deck of 52 cards comes into play. One of the main rule changes was the introduction of a flush.

History of the birth of the game of poker and international developments

There are several more modern versions of poker created during the Civil War in the United States, Among them are Draw Poker and five card Stud Poker. Straight was also introduced during this era. Around 1875 the use of wild cards was added. Lowball is also thought to have developed around the same time, and split-pot poker was created around the turn of the century. The first poker game involving community cards appeared around 1925. Some studies claim the US military was responsible for spreading the game to Asia during the war, where it is currently very popular and a natural part of traditional Asian gaming.

Online poker is a real part of American history and poker jargon has even made it standard American English. Have you ever mentioned someone’s bullying? Have an ace up your sleeve? Described as an unknown or unpredictable factor as a “wildcard”? Beats me, ace in the hole, blue chip, cash in, stack up, pass the buck, high roller, face poker, and when the chip is down, are other examples of poker expressions that make it the normal language.

During the 1970s, the first World Series of Poker was played, which popularized poker tournaments in United States casinos. This was also when the first poker books were published. There are three of the most famous books, namely “Theory of Poker” by David Sklansky, “The Book of Tells” by Mike Caro and “Super System” by Doyle Brunson.

Today, poker is played all over the world. Poker has grown increasingly popular over the last decade, mainly due to the invention of online poker and the hole-card camera that makes poker tournaments much more attractive to watch for non-players.


How is the development and entry of online gambling in Indonesia

How the development and entry of online gambling in Indonesia – If you discuss when gambling first entered Indonesia, one month will not be enough to discuss all of that, because gambling has entered since hundreds of years ago. But if you discuss the development, the sophistication of online qq gambling is also shorter because online gambling has recently entered Indonesia. This does not mean that online gambling is still young, but online gambling is very sophisticated, the proof is that there are already many alternative ways to play it. In the past, maybe gambling was only given one game that could be followed, but with advanced features players can try playing two games at one time. Because the development has been rapid and sophistication is very advanced, players must be able to compensate for all of that so that it is not difficult to play.

Games on online poker gambling sites for real money

The selection of gambling is the starting gate that situs qiu qiu players must pass because the selection process is the way into the world of gambling, if the selection of the path is correct it will smoothly enter that world. But if the selection is wrong then don’t expect to live in the rigors of the gambling world, if you want it to run smoothly, you should just follow the thoughts of beginners. Beginners will be smarter in choosing online gambling because beginners are very careful when making these choices, this is because beginners are afraid of losing so always be careful. There are several games that are considered very easy for beginners to play and these games are highly recommended to be played. To better know what the game is, read the following explanation.

Games on online poker gambling sites are the easiest gambling to play, because special rules do not exist in poker games. If you want to experience poker gambling, it’s also easy because trusted poker sites are widespread in Indonesia, just writing a poker site will immediately find a list of the best sites. The game of poker is quite simple to play, as long as there is a dealer and the player has met the quota, the game can be started. There must be only one dealer and a maximum of eight players, after which the dealer will start the match by shuffling the poker card. After that the dealer gives two cards to each player, after being distributed all of them the dealer will put five cards face up on the game table. The player’s task until the end of the game is to make a combination of his cards and the cards on the table while making a bet at the time of his turn. The player wins if he already has a value greater than the value of the card combination his opponent is playing with.

Bandar QQ Gambling Site Online Domino Game

The second easy game is the bandarqq game, just like online poker, Situs Slot Online24jam also uses cards but the cards are different in poker, the cards are poker in bandarqq, the cards are domino QQ. The use of domino cards is because bandarqq is still included in the domino game, it’s just that the way to play it has changed a little. Players after the bandarqq were very enthusiastic about playing because they felt the new freshness in the world of card gambling. The reason lies in the position in the game, previously players were not allowed to become bookies and bookies were decided from the start and taken from the site.

But in bandarqq players are given the freedom to become a dealer, so players are given the opportunity to control the game but still have to be the same as the rules that govern the dealer on the site. To feel the position of this bookie, there are conditions and these conditions are related to the bet money, to be precise, the bet must be three times the amount of the bet on the table.


The Development Process Of Online Poker And BandarQQ Gambling In Indonesia And In The World

The Development Process of Online Poker and BandarQQ Gambling in Indonesia and in the World – Poker and BandarQQ are one type of online gambling game that is popular in Indonesia and the world. Especially when online gambling services began to enter Indonesia, this game was very attractive to the public because it could be played by several people at the same time so that it was considered to be able to expand the network of friends. Even more interesting, now poker gambling can be played online. You can play it through an online Indonesian poker site with a variety of devices that are connected to internet access.

However, do you know how this poker game started in Indonesia? How did this game originate? And how did online poker sites develop so fast in Indonesia? Through this article, we will discuss the history of the game of poker in detail, including what strategies can be used against other players. Here’s the discussion:

The origin of poker was first situs judi poker terbaik played in the United States with 5 cards dealt to each player from a total of 20 cards. Some sources claim that poker gambling became popular for the first time in Texas, and some say in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, some experts agree that the origin of the popular game of poker in Texas occurred when three gamblers played with an elegant strategy to beat other gamblers. The popularity of this game is also supported by the large number of bets you can place, which is up to 4 times in one Situs Judi Slot Online.

The Development Process of Online Poker Gambling in Indonesia

Some other opinions say that the beginning of the popularity of poker gambling occurred since the Casino in Las Vegas, Golden Nugget, presented this game, even though at that time the number of enthusiasts was still minimal because the stakes presented were so low that many players did not dare to bet a lot on this game. Hence, the Las Vegas Strip event hosted by Dunes Casino further introduced the game of poker so that more participants tried the game. Here, the latest rules appear where players can increase the maximum number of chips, which is currently known as Texas Hold’em No Limit. Well, that was the beginning of the popularity of the game of poker in the United States. Only then did this game begin to spread to the Asian region, especially since it was introduced at the City of Dreams Casino, Macau.

Technological developments in 2010, especially in the field of internet and social media, especially thanks to a movie with the theme of the god of gambling in Hong Kong with the action of playing on online poker sites made this game even more popular. In addition, this game of gambling gods has a hilarious character accompanied by cool action when defeating his opponents in a poker game. In addition, these shows often appear from morning to noon, which is not a rush hour, but becomes the main choice compared to other television shows at that time. Of course, this is in stark contrast to television programs in Indonesia, which often present music programs, in contrast to previously showing Hong Kong films during the day.


The Most Trusted BandarQ Online Game Game

The Most Trusted Bandar qq Online Gambling Game Game – Maximum victory in the world of online gambling has begun to indoctrinate many people. Winning results that always provide great benefits to everyone, make online betting more and more targeted by many people. The presence of the Bandarqq online poker site will be the most popular game in 2019. This game is the same as the Bandarqq online game in general. Who uses domino cards as a medium in playing it. Whether, what makes this game the most popular game is still a question.

Most people have now started idnplay deposit pulsa playing the BandarQ online game as a way to get maximum benefits. Those with small funds, which are easily accessible to everyone. Naturally, many people played this game more than once. Because you don’t need a large amount of capital to play it. Of course this will be an answer that this game will shine in the coming year.

The online poker site as a provider has certainly prepared satisfying playing facilities for all players. There will be many betting lovers who will start playing it. And the preparations that have been made are in order to anticipate an explosion of players playing BandarQ online games in it. Maximum service up to a period of 24 hours is ready in advance. Of course, only for the sake of providing comfort for all players who want to play this online domino gambling game.

What You Get In Online Poker Games

The site offers many promos and bonuses. This is where all the players who want to start playing later can be more flexible in securing big profits. For most players, the results of large profits have become an absolute target in doing online gaming activities. Although there are a few bettors who just want to aim for a lot of entertainment in Agen Slot Online. Of course if they get an advantage when playing, then they will obviously be very happy.

Now, what is still confusing is what will make the BandarQ poker site game become the most popular game in the coming year? Of course, there is a very clear answer and the answer will be clearly known by all players. Getting the reason this game is going to be the most popular game is really wanted by all players. And here are some reasons the BandarQQ online game on an online poker site will become the most popular game:

Has a Simple Online qq City Play Rules

All players will certainly understand the rules of playing the BandarQ poker site which is famous for being easy and simple. But, for those of you who still don’t know the rules of the game, don’t be confused to find out. The way to play is quite easy, that is, each bettor will get 2 cards. And this game will be able to be played by 2 to 8 players. With in it there will be one person who is available to be a dealer.

Giving the Opportunity to Be an Easy Winning City

Everyone will definitely feel bored if playing online betting is just a player. The desire to become a dealer will be felt by all bettors every time they play right? Yes, this will also be felt by all bettors. In the BandarQQ game, all bettors will not feel bored at all in playing.

That is the reason the BandarQ online poker site game is one of the most popular games in 2019. Enjoy playing and hope you will be entertained!

100% Easy to Win Trusted Online Baccarat War Gambling Site

Online Baccarat War Gambling Site 100% Easy to Win Trusted – Online Baccarat Agent that you can play now easily and safely, of course it will give you the convenience of playing online gambling games that exist today, this is because you can play comfortably and quickly because now there is a gambling game website that you can access and play quickly and don’t require a lot of time and big capital anymore. Currently, there are new gambling games available that you can play easily, namely baccarat gambling games such as the Online Baccarat War Site which is now a new game that is much sought after and poker duit asli played by many people today.


The online qq gambling game is now easy for you to play now, this is because you can enjoy the many games available without having to have trouble finding a place or bookie that is currently available. Playing gambling games is certainly familiar to all of us, because this game has always been played by many people and is also a game that is in demand by many people which you can now access and play using a computer or cellphone device that you currently have. . This will certainly make you freer and have no more trouble if you want to play online games that exist today, so that players of this game can play online gambling that is there safely.

Now there is the Baccarat War online gambling game that you can play easily and safely whenever you want, you can play without having to look for a bookie or place to play online gambling manually, because there is an online gambling agent that will give you access to online gambling Situs Judi Online Slot. complete. This game has recently become one of the most sought-after games and is in demand by many people, because this online baccarat game has attracted the attention of many online game players which you can now play easily anytime you want.

Register for Online Baccarat Wars

The existing online baccarat game is now equipped with a complete and best server and online gambling game facility, so you can enjoy a variety of exciting and fun games with ease and no more trouble. You can play various exciting and fun games now using only one account or user ID, so you can play various exciting and fun games freely whenever you want so that you no longer have trouble when you play the gambling games that exist today. this.

This Online Baccarat War site is certainly very safe and guarantees your comfort in playing the online games that you want now for free and with no time limit. So that you no longer have trouble finding a place to play online games which now give you the convenience of playing every game such as baccarat war gambling which is the latest game with many interesting and interesting advantages for you to play. Especially now that you don’t need large capital when playing this gambling game because there is already a low and affordable minimum deposit for online game players, so that people from all walks of life can enjoy and play this gambling game easily and safely whenever they want. .

Online Baccarat Game With Many Bonuses and Benefits

Playing online gambling games that currently can give you convenience and benefits will certainly make many people interested and not bored when playing online games that exist today, where you can enjoy and play online games that are easily available and no longer have to have. a lot of big capital. Now the baccarat gambling game has come with a variety of complete and safe online games for you to access now, you can get lots of profits and big bonuses when you play this online game.

The bonuses and benefits that you can get, of course, don’t need difficult requirements anymore, because now there is a baccarat gambling agent that will make it easy for you to play this online gambling game which you can now play comfortably and quickly, no need to bother. again in search of a place or bookie that currently exists. Especially now that the Online Baccarat War Site will give you the convenience and official and safe gambling games for you to play freely and safely whenever you want without having to spend a lot of money and large capital.

So what are you waiting for, let’s play and register with an online baccarat agent that will give you comfort in playing, so you can enjoy this gambling game right now without any difficulties.