Complete Guide to Playing Gambling on the Sakong Online Site

Complete Guide to Playing Gambling on the Sakong Online Site – You need to know, Sakong or Bandar Sakong is a type of online card gambling game that was launched at the beginning of 3 years ago. Although only 1 year old, it turns out that this game is very popular with many people, especially gambling players from Indonesia. Besides being fun to play.

It turns out that how to play Sakong on the Sakong Online Site is very easy to understand. Sakong or what is known as Bandar Sakong Online Game is a gambling game that uses playing cards as the main medium of play. Each player will get 3 cards to compete with other superbull players. The total number of players in the Sakong game is 8 people.

What is the Main Purpose of Sakong?

Almost the same as Game Ceme, the main objective of Game Sakong is divided according to the role you will choose. The following are the main objectives of the Sakong game based on the roles taken:

Here is some information about the game of Sakong that you will get:

  • History Game Sakong
  • Stage Game Sack
  • The process of calculating Sakong Card Points
  • Game Jackpot Progressive Heel Online
  • History of Sakong Development

Even though it was only launched 3 years ago, it turns out that Game Sakong has been around for a long time. So it is not surprising that Sakong is a game with high historical value. The name Sakong comes from 2 words, namely: Sa (which means Three) and Kong (which means King).

So that when the two words are combined. Then the word Sakong will be formed which means Three Kings. Initially, Sakong was played on a chessboard using pebbles as a medium for playing. Over time, the media for playing Sakong has changed.

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What is the Complete Guide to Playing Gambling on the Sakong Online Site?

Then it becomes 1 set of tarot cards (with a total of 78 cards). Until finally the game Sakong used 58 playing cards as the main media for the game. Although it is easy to learn, it turns out that not everyone can freely play the game of sakong.

Only the aristocratic class could play this game. Due to the high cost of making playing cards, the images are hand-painted, only with increasingly sophisticated technology.

Stage Game Sack Online

There will be a selection process for players who will play the role of Bandar Sakong, at the beginning of each game. To become a Sakong City, you only need to meet the Minimum Fund Requirements as a City. After Bandar Sakong is successfully selected, each player at the table is given time.

Just to place their bet. As shown below. After all bets have been placed, each player will get 3 cards which will later be pitted against the Bandar card. If the Player and the dealer have the same card value, the dealer will come out the winner.

In Sakong, the total winnings you earn vary according to your Card Points:

For Sakong Card Points between 1 and 9, the money wins according to the number of bets placed.

For Sakong 10 Card Points, the Winning Money earned is 2 times the stake placed.

For players who manage to get 3 aces, the money that wins is 3 times the number of bets placed.

The player on the Sakong Online Site scores 10 and compares the value with the dealer who scores 5, then he wins and gets 2 times the stake.


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