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It turns out that the application of a membership class in a service does not only apply to public facilities, but it is also embedded in the online gambling site service provider system that is specifically provided to loyal subscription members. Of course the terms and conditions apply, but if a player upgrades the membership system to a VIP member class, they will be more facilitated by a number of special services because these services cannot be provided free of charge to normal class members.

Even though you have to spend quite a bit of money, Depobos will always pamper and provide maximum feedback to VIP members like a sultan. Guaranteed this will not be detrimental, because Depobos has been known from generation to generation through its complete facilities and superior professional services that are not owned by other online gambling sites. No wonder the members themselves have reached hundreds of thousands of active users. The large number of these is of course proportional to the quality that the player gets.

Special Special Bonus For Loyal Members of DepoBos

This time we will discuss about the special benefits if you have registered as a loyal member of Depobos, which is the chance to win the rare and highest prizes. Why is it called rare? Because this promo opportunity is available for special members.

One of them is as a VIP member, the average gambling situs taruhan bola flows in the range of IDR 100,000,000. Plus the validity of placing bets must reach a minimum turnover of IDR 10,000,000,000 per month. If a player fails to fulfill these two conditions within a certain time limit, the VIP member position is automatically transferred to a regular member.

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In addition, to get a Weekly Virtual Sports bonus of 0.8%, the conditions are slightly different, where the minimum rebate of one thousand is determined from the total win and loss for 1 week. Bonuses will also be distributed every Tuesday at 12 and above.

Members must comply with site policies. This is because the trigger factor for failing to get a bonus also comes when there is an indication of fraud that is caught by the Depobos. Be careful, we do not hesitate to revoke the active period of membership and even put it on the black list.

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