Difference between Asian Handicap and European Handicap

Maybe in Indonesia there are still many who don’t know that there are several handicaps that are played in this world as a means of betting on online soccer gambling. There are 2 handicaps played on gambling betting, namely the Asian Handicap and the European Handicap. The two handicaps have very different ways of playing and have different rules. In fact, handicaps do not only exist in football, but also in other sports in sportsbooks such as basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby and other sports.

What is a handicap? maybe many of you don’t know what is meant by Asian handicap online soccer gambling. What is meant by handicap is where between two competing teams, with one of the teams being in an advantageous position, then that team will give a voor to the team that is the opponent. Because of course if the soccer gambling game has no handicap, everyone will put it on the team that is more favored and no one dares to put on the underdog team.

Real Madrid vs Getafe

From the two teams mentioned above, you can already guess which team will win if the football betting market is without an Asian handicap. In this match it is clear that Real Madrid are in a more advantageous position than their opponent Getafe. Maybe this real match doesn’t need a handicap, but for those of you who play bandar judi bola gambling, of course you have to use a handicap as a reference in installing soccer gambling or other sports events.

Of course online gambling lovers understand this, if there is no food handicap there will be an imbalance between online bookies and bettors. An unfair bet occurs, because any gambling has its own way of betting and rules.


Nobody said that the Asian handicap is something that is detrimental, precisely the existence of a handicap provides a new advantage for online gambling Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa. Where the superior team gives vooran to the team that is under it or is not favored. Why can it be said that it is more profitable, for example Real madrid giving voor to getafe 1.5 means that if you play getafe of course you have already got a goal from voor of 1.5 or gebatfe has scored 1.5 goals against real madrid.

Reading the Asian handicap or predicting a win from the Asian handicap is certainly something that must be done when playing Asian handicap online gambling. Of course this has become a common thing since the beginning of soccer gambling in Indonesia and in Asia.

Handicap is divided into two parts in the world of online gambling, where there are Asian Handicaps and European Handicaps. However, until now the most preferred of the two handicaps is the Asian Handicap. Because this handicap has its own excitement for bettors to play.


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