Don’t Miss the Important Secrets to Winning Online Poker

Winning in a game is indeed the target of every player, especially Online Poker games that use money as a bet, to win in this one game. Don’t Miss the Important Secrets of Winning Online Poker.


Poker is basically very difficult to find and even play, because as we know Indonesia prohibits all kinds of legal things including poker gambling games, therefore we can only watch poker through foreign films such as God oF Gamblers, Lucky You and etc.

But as the times go by and the modern era advances, we can now play situs qiu qiu online via the internet even through our own personal cellphones and now online poker is very popular for all customers, starting from junior high school children, high school students, students and even parents who really enjoy this game.

But to win this game is not an easy thing, not understanding poker and without experience or your own trick you will not be able to win this game because in playing online poker you will definitely meet opponents who have extraordinary skills, then learn dahu tricks and how to win poker. and Don’t Miss the Important Secrets to Winning Online Poker, the following are:

1. Capital is sufficient.

To win poker you don’t have to bring a large amount of capital even though poker basically uses money as a bet, but not even with a lot of money to win, right? as long as the player can play safely and swiftly take all the opportunities that exist, of course, the capital that was a little earlier will become a hill.

2. Read Enemy Games

After you are ready to prepare the capital, the next step is to find a table to occupy and meet the enemy, if you have arrived at this stage it is better to take a moment to read the enemy’s game, you can see and remember every way your opponent plays because if you already understand how your opponent plays, so to win is not a difficult thing.

3. Bluffing (BLUFFING)

We “humans” are divine beings who have fear when they are focused on doing something, so that’s why you can use this trick to defuse your opponent by doing an all-in suddenly even if you hold a card that is impossible to win, if successful, you will win all the chips on the betting table but this trick has a high risk, where if you fail, all the chips that were used to bluff your opponent off, therefore use this trick when you are forced to.

4. Accurate Calculation

This strategy proves to be very useful for players who are in a chip crisis, calculate precisely every card that has come out on the table and guess what cards have not come out but make sure if your calculations are correct if successful your chances of becoming a poker gambling master are very large.

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5. Play Moving Tables

Hockey in playing online poker is really needed, if you feel that you always get bad cards on the table you occupy, then the trick of playing changing tables can be applied to find a table that is more hockey.

6. Don’t Be Careless When Holding Big Cards

When someone gets a big card like, AA, AK, AQ, AJ and PAIR, they are in a hurry to raise the bet even directly doing an All-IN, then this is the wrong way, to beat your opponent, try to stay calm and wait for all cards to be opened on the table and if you are sure that the cards you have are able to beat all your opponents, please All-in

7. Be patient

Patience is something that you can apply if all the tricks above fail to bring you to victory, try not to get carried away with emotions when playing because it makes you lose more and more.

But don’t worry, we still have a secret for those of you who always fail to play online poker, pay close attention to the Starting Hand Chart below:

The picture above is the Starting Hands Chart or the card winning value that you have, the explanation is as follows:


When you hold a card in accordance with a red cloud position such as AQ, AA, AJ, A10 or other large values, then I suggest doing an All-in because according to the starting card you have the potential to win in that round.

When you have a card that is in a yellow position, this position is a semi or 50% win 50% losing 50% card, you can maintain this opportunity until all cards are opened and at that time the all-in or fold chance is known

Red position, this position is a danger or danger position, being in this position has a small chance of winning, because the cards you have do not have the power to beat your opponent’s cards but there is no harm in defending until all cards are opened.

Being in a position means you have a card that is very weak or impossible to win, just press the fold button to keep you from losing

Here are a few tricks to win poker and remember Don’t Miss the Important Secrets of Winning Online Poker, Thank You.


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