Experience IBCNOVA Gambling City with NOVA88

Nova88 gambling bookie is another name for maxbet, one of the well-known brands like the one previously branded with the IBCBET Brand. The beginning of ibcbet has long been the largest online gambling site after which it switched to maxbet and is very well known in Europe and Asia. Apart from being known as a trusted online gambling site, this ibcbet site is also known to have various kinds of games such as live casino and others so that it has made many players play there until now because it has many variations that you can play. This maxbet has been officially licensed at First Cayagan Leisure in the Philippines. From that point of view, maxbet is also known for its very tight security and cannot be broken by hackers or others.

In Indonesia, now there are many who are intermediaries for players to play Nova88 through agents. And here appears IBCNOVA as serving you bettors who want to play on nova88 gambling agent and Maxbet can register via here to get an account so they can log in. Especially here, IBCNOVA offers online gambling bettors who want to here, namely the New member Bonus, Deposit, Withdrawal which is getting bigger enough to fulfill the fun and comfort of the members to play here with us.


Nowadays, almost all online gambling players know the name “NOVA88” because the quality and facilities are quite satisfying in the virtual world of gambling. Therefore, IBC NOVA as a NOVA88 agent with the great experience that has been gained over the years offers benefits which of course make the excitement of playing in Nova88 even more exciting.

of course you can feel the same thing with IBCNOVA, it could be even more because we provide an id for easier login, just simply register on the site  free of charge at all, it only takes less than 1- 5 minutes . You can play all the games provided by Nova88, namely Sportsbook, Nova88 LiveCasino Online, Keno, Number Games, Virtual Games and even E-sports games which are now very bandar taruhan bola in this era.

With the many games that Nova88 has provided, it also makes you not bored when playing in this famous brand, you can even play Nova88 with sophisticated features that are different from the others. Especially if you are supported by IBCNOVA who helps all your needs and also services that are not in doubt by our longtime loyal members who have joined here. The online casino offers offered by this party are also various types of games, namely Roulette, Blackjack, and various others that are guaranteed to make you exciting and start betting.

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Even NOVA88 is also one of the best places for you to bet online parlay from various different sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis ball and others. So from so many members of Online Football Gambling in Indonesia who are looking for this IBCNOVA site to try their luck.


The IBCNOVA brand is indeed very well known and is the biggest dealer who is no less like it used to be with maxbet and ibcbet. IBCNOVA also provides various types of bets such as soccer betting, namely Asian handicaps, over under, even odd, mix parlay, 1 × 2, total goal, guess score, and various others. And these are some of the advantages that you can read at a glance about the name of this famous brand through the IBCNOVA website, namely:

  • Guaranteed Privacy
    Nova88, known as Maxbet, uses 128-bit encryption which guarantees your personal data, IBCNOVA as an online gambling intermediary that stores all the information that you have posted on our site and will not be leaked by all or we sell it on any party.
  • Having an International
    Airport License Permit NOVA88 is located in the Philippines which is handled by clear management by First Cayagan Development Limited which is undoubtedly. This well-known company is based in Southeast Asia and focuses on the sports section and offers members of its football betting & other online casino products.
  • The Most Complete Betting Game
    Has a very complete game starting from casino gambling, sportsbook, live dealer, casino gambling and many others that you can play when you get a userid.


In providing services to players, the nova88 Soccer Gambling Agent is assisted by IBCNOVA with Customer Service or Operators with service 24 hours a day via live chat or contact us below:

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