Get to know Game Sakong Online

Getting to know Sakong Online Game – Sakong is a derivative of the online poker game which is played by adding up the three cards the player has with the dealer card. The game of sakong can be played with a maximum of 8 players with one player being a dealer.

Sakong game originated from mainland China around 1980 but is now very popular around the world. The reason is because managing this game is very easy. The name of the game Sakong comes from the Chinese language, namely “Sa” which means three and “Kong” which can mean king or grandfather. So the game of sakong means the game of Three Kings, that is the reason why this game only uses three cards.

just like the game of Poker, the game of sakong also uses rummy cards as its medium.

How to Play Sakong Online

Before playing this judi poker via pulsa game, you must have a trusted Sakong Online agent and have an active account that functions to make deposits and withdrawals. In choosing one that has a 24 hour Live Chat facility with a Turn Over Bonus and a Referall Bonus that is quite high like on the Trusted Poker site in Indonesia (withdrawal of funds) You also have to know the rules and card values ‚Äč‚Äčthat at the end of the game will be compared with the dealer. . Triple Ace card is the set of cards with the highest value. If you have this card you will automatically be the winner. But that does not mean that the ace has the highest value, on the contrary, the aces are only worth one, followed by 2 cards with a value of two, and so on. The royal card (Jack, Queen and King) has a value of 10.

The rules for playing Sakong are very similar to the BandarQ game, except that Sakong uses playing cards and totals three cards. Each player is also welcome to become a dealer as long as he has sufficient credit or chips.

In the online Sakong game you only have 20 seconds to save cards

If the bettor gets three cards with a work family picture then your bet is paid 2x more than the dealer, while if you get Triple As your bet will be paid three times as much by the dealer.

Like in the BandarQ game, if the card value that the bettor has with the dealer is the same, then the dealer will automatically become the winner, therefore in this game you are advised to become a dealer to increase the chances of winning.

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Get to know the City GameQ

After in the previous post we discussed the DominoQQ game, this time we will thoroughly examine one more game that also uses domino as the medium, namely BandarQ.

BandarQ is a derivative of the DominoQQ game where in this game you have the right to become a city if your betting capital is sufficient. How to play this game is almost the same as DominoQQ only BandarQ only uses 2 domino cards only.

This game is played by two to eight players where one player becomes the dealer.

After two cards are dealt, the players are given the opportunity to peek at the cards that have been dealt, then the players are asked to show their cards openly on the table.

After that, a comparison will be made between the player card and the dealer card. The winner is the one who has the higher card.

Counting cards in this BandarQ game is very easy. Players only need to judge the total number of circles on the right and left. If the total reaches tens, we will only judge the units.

If the number of circles exceeds the value of nine then it will be reduced by ten.

Example: 5 + 6 = 11 (11 – 10) = 1 So the total card value is 1

If the number of circles exceeds the value of nineteen then Twenty will be reduced

Example: 12 + 11 = 23 (23 – 20) = 3 So the total card value is 3

If the player’s card total is higher than Bandar then Bandar will pay the bet according to which the player pairs. The opposite is true.

Then what if the number of player and dealer cards is tied? In accordance with the name of this game, namely BandarQ, the dealer will automatically be the winner.

Even though there is no jackpot in this game, BandarQ is popular because if we manage to get a Kiu card (nine) then the player’s bet amount is doubled. However this does not apply to bookies. The dealer will only take all bets that are on the table.

How interesting isn’t it, once you understand you can play this game on the most trusted poker site in Indonesia. Indonesia’s trusted online Poker and DominoQQ agent with the cheapest minimum deposit of IDR 15,000 and withdrawal of funds in less than 3 minutes.


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