Get to know the DominoQQ Game

DominoQQ, this game may have often been heard in our ears in everyday life. Even so, there are still many who do not understand what this game actually is. In this post, the admin will thoroughly examine the games that are commonly played with this.

DominoQQ or domino99 is a game that uses dominoes as the medium. Domino itself is a generic card that is rectangular in shape, usually 3x5cm in size, white in color and has black round dots that function as a substitute for numbers. One set of domino cards itself has 28 pieces, with 6 being the highest number and 0 being the smallest number.


According to historical records, dominoes are confirmed to have originated in China, which started in the city of HuangZhou during the Wulin Festival. Previously dominoes were used as a gambling medium in the regime of King XiaoZong of the Song Dynasty (1162-1494).

DominoQQ or Domino99 is a domino game which takes 9 as the highest number


In the first set of DominoQQ games the judi online deposit pulsa players will be dealt four cards randomly by the dealer,

The four cards are then added up and divided into two sets.

If in a set there are 2 digit numbers, the value of the number taken is the number behind it only.

The winner of the game is determined by assessing the first set of cards, if the total is a tie then the second set of cards is assessed to determine the winner.

As explained in the post above, the player who gets a score of nine or at least close to nine is the winner.

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Like the game of Poker, Domino also has its own special card. Which if you have this special card the percentage of your chances of winning will be even greater and opens up opportunities to get the Jackpot.

The cards are:

6 DEWA CARD: is four cards each with a value of six dots or six circles. This is the most powerful card combination in the DominoQQ game because in a domino card set there are only four cards that have a total of six circles.

CARD 4 BALAK: is a situation where the 4 cards dealt are all twins.

LARGE PURE CARD: is four cards that are dealt with a total value of more than 40

SMALL PURE CARD: is four cards dealt where the total value does not add up to nine.


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