Get to know the Online Poker Game

Getting to know the game of online poker – Poker is a classic game that uses playing cards. Kartu Rummy itself has been known to the world as a medium for playing together. The origin of playing cards has been a matter of debate, because it was written in history that it was the Europeans who introduced it. However, there are historical records that say the Europeans found them on the way, while playing cards themselves required printing. At that time printing on paper / cloth media could only be done in China and the eastern tip of Asia.

Playing cards or poker cards themselves have four unique symbols, namely Love (Heart), Diamond (Diamond), Spade (Spade) and Club (Curly) and have two colors, red and black. The meaning of the symbols and colors of this Poker card will be discussed in the next post.

How to Play Poker Cards

Poker is a playing card game that is usually played with bets. In the first set the poker players will be dealt two cards, the poker via pulsa players can place bets to continue the game or close the cards if they don’t want to continue. Then the player will be given 3 poker cards that are openly placed on the table. Once again the players are given the choice to continue betting or not. After that a poker card is again divided at the poker table and players may place bets or stop, and continue to the last card, which is the fifth card.

Game Poker Online

In this day and age the game of poker can be enjoyed online through several sites that are Online Poker Agents. But you have to be careful choosing a site to play because there are some online poker sites that are not trusted, aka scammers, so you will find it difficult to withdraw funds. Choose a site that already has many members. Sites like this usually have an attractive appearance, 24-hour Live Chat facilities and official social media accounts. The admin himself chose the site after being recommended by a friend because the minimum deposit was very cheap, only Rp.15,000 and the process of withdrawing funds was very fast (less than 3 minutes)

BACA JUGA:  When a Poker Member Has an Account & Play on Other Sites

Online poker games are not much different from the original poker game, it’s just that players can play anywhere as long as they have stable internet access. Previously the player also had to set up an active account which would later deposit and withdraw funds from that account.


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