Hi all my fellas. In general, the existing gambling game articles, only contain about how to get a win. Which tells if we do A or B. Then we will get victory. But do you know, if there are other things that you can make as additional income, besides your habits who like to play idnpoker gambling, of course. So you could say from hobby to money. So, let’s see how to get additional benefits from online gambling below.


Of course there are several stages that you have to go through. Before you plan to profit from your gambling hobby. So do it step by step which we will explain in this article.

Always follow the process we have outlined and follow it in stages.

Find Online Gambling Sites You Can Trust.


The first thing you can do is find trustworthy gaming sites. Finding a trusted online gambling site is easy – easy and difficult.

Easy, because online gambling sites have been strewn in long Google searches. It is recorded that there are around tens of thousands of online gambling sites that exist at this time. so you can easily search for gambling sites.

It’s hard. Because of the tens of thousands of gambling sites that exist. Not all of them guarantee the best service. The promo given is arguably good. But when it comes to gambling, trust is important.

so we recommend that the site will be your income barn. Must be truly trustworthy. Because the relation is to the money from your game. Whether paid or not by the site.

Once you find a site you can trust. So let’s move on to the next stage.

Join to Become an Online Gambling Site Referral Agent

Ask your trusted site, whether there is a referral program that you can use. To recruit new members for the gambling site. Generally, every online gambling site must open its hands wide for members who want to become their referral agents.

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However, what must be considered is the agreement that exists between you and the online gambling site. Usually the referral bonus given ranges from 10 percent to 20 percent.

Then, what you need to remember is. Referral bonuses provided by online gambling site managers. Is a percentage for the member wins that you bring.

After you join, become a referral agent on the site where you play it. Next let’s move on to the next stage.


In the next stage, you can start inviting your colleagues to play on your site by registering via your referral link.

You can teach them how to play the right way. Because the more they win, the bigger coffers you will get. Continue to make friends and make new friends. so that your marketing scope is getting bigger. And the more money you get.

You can also follow the methods of other referral agents. by posting your video game on the online video sharing platform channel. In this way, you can reach your relations which are far from your location.

The Best Online Gambling Sites To Play And Become A Referral Agent

Well, if you are determined to get additional income from your hobby. So Mimin will suggest a site that is solid and juosss … from the large amount of the referral bonus, also the payment that is guaranteed to be safe.

You can visit sites that already trust me. Mimin does not have to recommend fake sites. Because Mimin knows how big the responsibility is. Therefore Mimin only dares to share sites that are already joined in it.

The site is called Trusted Poker in Indonesia, guys. You can visit the site by clicking here.

The most trusted poker sites in Indonesia have a large referral percentage. Besides that, the players who play there have a pretty good winrate. that is, at 70%.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, join in soon.


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