How to Play Sic Bo on Online Gambling Sbobet

How to play sic bo at sbobet online gambling. This sic bo or online dice game is very popular and crowded today, this game originated from China or China in ancient times there was this game and began to be widely played in the 2000s, this game is also known by some names such as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Big and small, And Hi-lo.

The tutorial on how to play Sic Bo on sbobet is actually very easy, namely correctly guessing the result that comes out of a shuffle of 3 dice so he is the winner. In how to play Situs Sbobet Online sic bo or dice online, you can now use real money that is played online as real and it can also be live.

Of course, how to play Sic Bo on sbobet is not difficult, but only guessing the number that comes out of the dice that is shaken itself, but this online Sic Bo game has many installation options for players to choose from as well as various bonuses that vary and multiply.

How to Play Sic Bo on Sbobet

Easy Tutorial How to Play Sic Bo on Sbobet Online

The very first thing in starting how to play sic bo on sbobet is to make sure you have chosen a site or agent for where you play sic bo or online dice safely and reliably, after that make sure you have registered on the site to get your ID and password. log in to the available room.

The methods and types of bets in this online sic bo or dice game are similar to online Baccarat too, you just have to press the click button on the box to select the bet you want, and you can immediately choose seven different types of bets simultaneously in one round by selecting small big bets, even odds and entering numbers in the round.

Types of bets in the game Sic Bo or Dice Online:

Single Number

In this bet, you only choose numbers 1-6 that will come out on the dice, if the number chosen earlier appears on one dice, your bet will be paid 1: 1, but if the number you choose comes out on two dice then your bet will get paid 2: 1 and if it comes out on all three dice then your payout will be 3: 1.

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Two Numbers

In the Sic Bo game, this two-number bet type, you can get a decent multiplication, which is multiplied by 5, if you choose two numbers that come out when the dice have been shaken, your bet amount will be multiplied by five times the win.

Total Numbers

In the choice of Sic Bo game this time you will bet on three dice numbers that are shuffled but with some rules that are in the odds for example in the picture number 4 has odds 1:60, number 9 odds 1: 6 and number 16 odds 1: 30.

Big Or Small

On how to play sic bo on a trusted sbobet today in Indonesia, you also have a 50:50 chance of winning ratio, namely by placing bets on large or small numbers on this online sic bo with the total number that comes out of the three dice numbers 4-10 relatively small.

Meanwhile, if the numbers 11-17 are large, if your choice is correct, then you will get a payment from your bet of 1: 1, but if the three dice come out are twins then you are considered to be defeated.

Even Or Odd

How to play sic bo with even or odd bets this time is the same or similar to you bet on the big or small options earlier, with the total number of numbers on the three dice if you are correct then will get paid on your bet of 1: 1.


The way to bet on this online Sic Bo game is that you bet on the dice that is shaken and two or three twin numbers come out, if it is right there you will get a payment for your bet of 10: 1.

Three Twin Figures

The purpose of how to play sic bo on three twin numbers is that you bet if there are three twin dice numbers that come out, for example the numbers 111,333 and 666 if you are right then the pay you receive is very tantalizing, which is 30: 1 from your bet will be multiplied by 30 times. .

Tutorial on playing Sic Bo online to keep winning

Thus the complete guide on how to play sic bo on sbobet in Indonesia, hopefully this helpful article can help you provide useful information and help references in your victory, see you in other useful articles.


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