INDONESIAN POKER PLAYERS GO INTERNATIONAL A REAL STORY – John Juanda, a poker professional from Medan, Indonesia. For a man from Medan, North Sumatra, who was once a world poker icon, gambling can be a profession if done professionally.

In 2014, John Juanda’s name was a hot topic of discussion for his achievement in winning the World Series Of Poker (WSOP).

John has not only won the WSOP once but five times, namely in 2002,2003,2008,2011, and finally in 2014.

From his achievements in winning five WSOP times, John won a total prize pool of USD 2,540,369 or around Rp.29 billion.

In 1996, John Juanda completed his master’s degree at Seattle University. It was during his undergraduate studies that John spent his spare time in college to gamble poker at a casino which is located not far from the Seattle University campus.

In 1999, John Juanda took part in his first WSOP championship. At that time he was ranked ninth and was awarded a prize of $ 1500.

John Juanda

Starting from there, this man who was born on July 8, 1971 decided to Agen Casino Indonesia an international gambler. John Juanda’s name in the world of poker is very popular, even in the world series of poker (WSOP) which took place in the UK in 2008, overnight John was able to earn Rp.19 billion worth of money, an achievement that makes other professional gamblers envy.

Playing bandar sakong online terpercaya and the game of poker have been blooming in John Juanda’s memory since he was a child. Because, the eldest of four siblings often saw his father playing gambling, what he remembered most was his father’s habit of always drinking alcohol while gambling due to defeat. These bad memories make Juanda never drink alcohol while playing poker.

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Uniquely, even though he doesn’t drink, this man who is known as JJ still orders drinks. The drink is given to his opponent.

John got to know poker when he traveled to America to continue his bachelor’s education in 1990. On the plane his classmate introduced him to a game that uses playing cards.

After completing his undergraduate education in Oklahoma State, he then continued his S2 at Seattle University. After earning his MBA in 1996, Juanda chose poker as his livelihood.

John Juanda is listed as having started participating in professional poker tournaments since 1999. At that time, he listed his name at number ninth.

john juanda with jennifer harman at poker hall of fame.

briefly months later, in the same tournament he finished seventh and was entitled to a value of $ 399.60.

During the summer of 2000, Juanda established himself as a rising star in professional poker tournaments when he managed to finish six times.

At the US Poker Championship tournament in Atlantic City, he managed to finish in second place and was entitled to a cash prize of USD 159 thousand. John Juanda admits that all his victories in poker tournaments around the world cannot be separated from God’s intervention.

Because of that, as a form of gratitude, he plans to provide free medical care to the community when he retires from playing poker. The plan is that the money he earns can help fellow human beings who need help, especially regarding free medical treatment.


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