List of names of the best poker players in the world: The game of poker is no stranger to the ears of people all over the world, but do you know who are the TOP / Best poker players in the world? .

The following is the list along with the order:

1. Antonio Esfandiari ($26.554.698)

Antonio Esfandiari, whose real name is Amir Efandiari, is a player whose nationality is Iran, to be precise, born in Tehran, Iran. Antonio has played poker for the first time since the age of 20 and has won several world tournaments that have put him in the top ranking. due to his great talent he was nicknamed

2. Sam Trickett ($20.741.558)

Sam trickett is the world’s TOP poker daftar poker pulsa player. Before he became a poker player, Sam was a soccer player but unfortunately his work on the green field failed, which is what made Sam take him out in the game of poker. originally from Nottingham. and managed to occupy the first position 10 times.

3. Phil Hellmuth($16.225.365)

Phil Hellmuth The terror (Poker Brat), is not a random nickname, but Agen Casino Terbesar he often terrorizes his opponents at the table. And people stand on the same level as Michael Jordan and Tiger woods in the poker world. Phill has also won the Tournament The Seven card stud High – low. With such a pretty game, he was able to get three gold bracelets in 1 year. #

4.Phil Ivey ($15.055.789)

Phil ivey Won the tournament Atlantic city. He also won a brilliant victory with a total of 9 World Series Poker bracelets at a young age.

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Victory at Poker Challenge by defeating billionaire Andy Beal in February 2006, his name immediately skyrocketed due to the total prize pool received of $ 16,160,000.

5 John Juanda ($ 14,226,752)

THE ONLY world-class poker player born in Indonesia, a man who is 43 years old and has not yet been married. Before entering the world of poker, he had sold the Bible door to door. he is known for his quiet but deadly playing style.

John has collected at least 3 World Series bracelets, and managed to appear 5 times in the final. The location that he really misses in his homeland is the largest lake in the world LAKE TOBA


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