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Some time ago online gambling fans around the world were again shocked by the news that came from one of the giants of the best and most trusted online gambling service provider sites in Asia. After a long time bearing the name Maxbet, the site is now changing the name they will use to serve its members to Nova88.

Maxbet was born a few years after Asia’s largest online betting site, Sbobet, appeared, under the name Ibcbet. The name of the company which stands for International Betting Company was founded by a Malaysian national but has headquarters in the Philippines, a country that legalizes all gambling activities and has a gambling game management authority.

Difference Nova88 and Maxbet

For years Ibcbet served its users with this name until finally they changed its name to Maxbet in 2015. Now, Maxbet is back with a new name, Nova88. Not only that, Nova88 also does come with several striking differences when compared to their site when they still use the name Maxbet.

The most noticeable thing when you visit the nova88 agent site is the change in appearance on the front page of the site which is more varied but still elegant. This display also makes it easier for users to choose the games they like. It seems that Nova88 agents want to provide maximum comfort to customers with a more user-friendly site agen casino online.

From the other side, you can feel the site is also a little more responsive when compared to when it was still Maxbet. But in terms of betting methods, Nova88 still maintains the old way, so those of you who have often played at Maxbet don’t need to worry about having to adapt anymore because the betting systems used by both Maxbet and Nova88 are still the same.

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Nova88 Game Types

For those of you who are new to or are just about to try gambling products owned by the Nova88 gambling site, here we present some explanations about the types of games owned by Nova88 agents.

• Sports

Like its competitors in the Asian region, nova88 agents also offer sports betting games through two different categories, namely Sports and Virtual Sports. The first category is sports betting that uses actual sports events as the object and the second is those that use virtual matches as the object of the bet.

The types of markets offered also vary, such as handicaps, correct scores, total scores, 1X2 / Double Chance and parlays. The virtual matches used by nova88 agents use artificial intelligence technology that applies the RNG or Random Number Generator system, so it is certain that there will be no cheating in this game even though it is not an actual sport.

• Keno

It’s almost like lottery and bingo but keno also has its own fun. You will be asked to choose one or more numbers to bet on. Then you just have to wait for the results of the shuffle to find out if the numbers you choose come out as winners.

Unlike the lottery which is played by guessing a row of numbers, in keno games you only have to guess the numbers that will appear. It doesn’t need to be arranged like in the lottery game. So you could say this game is much easier.

• Gaming

In this category you will find various types of exciting casino games that you can play. Starting from card gambling such as blackjack and baccarat, to other exotic gambling games such as roulette that will add to your excitement in your spare time.

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