Poker is known to many gamblers everywhere. Due to its popularity, this gambling game has been played by many people. Poker itself is a card gambling game where the game uses bride cards. Generally, this card gambling game is played by up to 8 players. If in the past, this Indonesian online poker game could only be played on land or real gambling tables, but now to play the stakes, every bettor only needs to join a trusted online gambling agent site where the game is provided. The popularity of the game of poker is also because the game is quite easy to follow. So that anyone can play it. Not only that, many gamblers have made huge profits from playing daftar judi qq this popular online card gambling game. To play it,

How to and the Basic Rules of Online Poker Game

As an online card gambling game, poker has proven to be very interesting to play. Because there is a lot of fun in it as well as a card betting game. For the game itself, poker is played using 52 bride cards, which are divided into 4 types, namely spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. Of each type, there are a total of 13 cards starting from the ace to the king or K (King) card. Apart from that, there are several other things or rules in the game of poker gambling. Of course, every player must know before they want to play. There are several other rules in this poker game, including:

Card combination

In the poker gambling game, of course the players already know that in it there are several types of poker card combinations. The winners themselves will be determined by what combination of cards they get. Of course, each card combination has a different type and value. If a certain player manages to get the best type of card combination with the greatest value among other opponents, that particular player will win the bet. For poker card combinations alone, there are 10 types of combinations. Starting from the smallest value, namely high card, one pair, two pairs, three of a kind, full house, and several other Agen Judi Slot Online. Until the type with the greatest value, namely the royal flush.

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The term stakes choice

When playing a trusted online poker site game, players will be given several options to call, raise and fold. Call itself is an option which players can choose to hold on to the bet. However, certain players are taking bets which place their bets in proportion to the pot. For the fold option, that is if a player gives up and closes the card on the betting table. Meanwhile, to raise, is a player holding on to the bet. But the raise here is different from the call, where players place bets with an amount greater than the last player where they placed bets on the pot.


Chips are always synonymous with poker gambling. The reason is, if you want to run or participate in this card gambling bet, every bettor must have chips first. The chip itself functions as a substitute for money. The more chips the player has, the better. Because players can bet several times. There are several ways to get the chip yourself. Players can get it by buying from other players who have a large number of chips. Or the best way is to win more bets on the game of poker. Because, the more often you win at bets, the more chips you will get.


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