Some Additional Information For Indonesian Poker Members

Back again at our meeting which discussed the daily activities of many Indonesians, namely earning money. With money, people can exchange it or buy some of the necessities, needs or wants they want to have. The more income and you save, the more money you have. We too as humans will certainly never feel satisfied with what we have. Certainly want to have more and better. Many people are trying to make extra money from online poker gambling games. One of these methods has been tried and successfully obtained by the community during deposits and luck.

With free registration and a minimum deposit of IDR 10,000, members can play agen judi poker, with the hope that members can maintain the security of their personal accounts properly so that account and fund loss does not occur. We also hope that members who don’t know much, get into problems or are confused about finding solutions. Members can come and tell customer service through the 24-hour Live Chat service with fast replies. So members can also play smoothly and safely. If you make a mistake and don’t ask questions, of course other problems can arise. We, as a customer service, will certainly be ready to help provide the best solutions and additional information through this article.

How to make a deposit

The first additional information is how to make a correct deposit. Many new members are asking about this. Members can confirm in advance about the bank status used by members, whether online and normal. Then members can transfer funds first using an account registered in their account with a minimum deposit of IDR 10,000. Members can check the destination account on the Deposit Funds menu. Then if the transaction is successful, the member can fill out the deposit form to claim the funds. We as customer service also hope that members can apply good and correct procedures. So that we can immediately check and process member funds in less than 3 minutes.

Do not Help Process Funds from Other Accounts

Next is still about the deposit, which every day there are poker members who ask whether or not to transfer using another account. The answer is no, because there is already information listed on the Deposit Funds menu that does not accept transfers from other accounts. It’s not that customer service is bad, doesn’t want to help and wants to take funds that have already been transferred using a friend’s account. It’s just that we work in accordance with our work procedures, this is also for the sake of smoothness together. This also prevents the occurrence of deliberate actions by Indonesian poker members who want to claim funds with 2 accounts. Hopefully the members can understand and work together.

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How to Know Who Your Referrals Are

Next, there are still many members who don’t know about referral bonuses, there are still many who are confused about how to register their friends and how to check anyone’s referrals. Members can create referral code by using a combination of letters and unique. Then if there is a referral link, members can register their friends by filling in some personal data correctly and completely. If that fails, we suggest you try changing other browser applications and copy and paste your referral link again. Then to check whether it was successful and who your referrals are. Then members can check it by logging into their account via a browser and then entering the References menu. later some age will appear.

Don’t Try to Claim Lost and Unpaid Funds

There is one more additional information and this we really hope for the honesty of all Indonesian poker members. We know all members don’t want to lose and want to make big profits while gambling. We also really hope for the cooperation of the members to be honest and not complain carelessly. To this day, there are still members who pretend or admit that funds in their accounts have suddenly disappeared. Even though the funds in his account have been played by the member himself or his friends. Next there are also many who claim to have won but are not paid, even though the member card loses to the opponent who has a log card and everything is completely automatic.


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