The history of poker from ancient times to Online poker in the world and Indonesia

History of poker from the past to become Online poker in the world and Indonesia – Poker has become a very popular game in the last 15 years, but the history of knowledge about the origin of this game is very confusing.

If you’re a fan of the sport of baseball, you’re probably no stranger to Abner Doubleday – the inventor of baseball. If you are a golf enthusiast, you probably know Royal & Ancient Golf Club, and the early history of the game being played in Scotland. But if you are a true poker player, know the history of this type of gambling betting game? Surely no one knows at all.

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Part of this ignorance is because the history of poker itself is very difficult to pin down. The theory of origin of the game of poker depends on what you consider the basic elements of poker, whether the play poker darat or the money. The two of them had very different beginnings.

Where Did the Game of Poker Come From?

Until recently, world policy stated that poker was a game originating from the Persians called as-nas. As-nas is most likely the forerunner of today’s poker game, but lately historians have argued that poker is a derivative of the as-nas game, they are more convinced that other games are the parent of the modern poker game.

Each game has evidence to substantiate that it is the root of poker and each makes a reasonable claim about “where did poker come from?”

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The Brag game, has a special identity and has the factors most Agen Casino to modern Online Poker because it has 2 reasons that are indicative of one another:

Come from an English-speaking country

Using antes

To put it simply, the bet is not determined by the round value of X, but up to 2 players only. Usually this game is played with a deck of 32 cards. “Three a kind” is the highest hand, so maybe this is where poker starts.

What is As-nas?

Back to the discussion about what as-nas, because this is a pretty interesting game. There are 20 cards in the as-nas deck, and there are 5 rank levels of the cards, in order of highest to lowest, are:

  • as (ace)
  • shah (king)
  • bibi (queen)
  • soldier
  • and the couli (dancer)

Each player gets 5 cards, meaning that all cards are divided evenly. The highest card combination is the same as we use today but minus straights and flashes. The winner is the person who has the best card combination.


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