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The Most Complete Indonesian Online Poker Bookie – No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make long-term profits. You may be able to put together a lucrative session every now and then but you are struggling to make long term gains.

Below are a few reasons why you might lose at online poker in the hope that identifying these issues will help you turn your game around.

You Play Too Much

When multi-tabling, the goal is to play as many tables as you can comfortably and profitably play. Some players ignore the second part. They try to judi poker uang asli play as much as they can physically handle but see no long-term impact on their bankroll.

If you are multi-tabler and lose at online poker, go back to basics and start over with just two tables and start working from there. When you get to the point where your hourly rate starts to take a turn for the worse, reserve one and stay at that level.

For example, if you post a solid hourly rate while playing up to four tables and then it starts to drop dramatically after you add a fifth table, go back to playing only four tables. Maybe in the future you can again add the fifth table, but the same rules still apply. Only play as many tables as you can play comfortably and profitably.

You Don’t Learn Enough

A good rule of thumb is to put at least one hour of study for every hour you play at the table. The way you learn depends on you, but you should at least regularly evaluate your playing and look for ways to improve. If you find it difficult to do this, consider enlisting the help of a poker coach or signing up for a poker training site.

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You Failed to Fix the Leak in Your Game

At some point, all will develop a leak in the game. Leaks are things that are done in poker that make you lose money in the long run. Sometimes this leak is a missed opportunity and at other times it is a lack of strategy that causes more losses than needed.

In the last section, mention learning to improve your game. Part of learning involves looking for leaks in your game and then working on fixing them. Some players have a hard time finding or admitting they have leaks in their play, so it’s a good idea to ask another player or coach to evaluate your game.

How to put enough time into online poker games?

You Don’t Put Enough Time at the Table

Some young pros are under the wrong idea that they can only play online poker for “a few hours a week” and still be able to make enough money to support their lifestyle. In all honesty, it probably happened at the start of the Poker Boom and some very talented players might be able to do that but for most of it, it is necessary to spend some time at the table to improve the game.

How will you learn how to build a house unless you physically put them together? You can learn all you want but until you put it into practice, you only have knowledge. In general, if you don’t spend a lot of time playing poker each week while you’re studying, your game won’t improve.

First, you must have enough cash to support the bets you are playing. Do you have the number of buy-ins required to survive the variant for that level? This applies to all levels of online poker, including micro stakes, Sit N Go and tournaments.


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