Tips and Tricks to Win DominoQQ

As the admin promised in the previous post, this time we will review more about the DominoQQ game. In the previous post, we have discussed the basics of playing DominoQQ, now we will go straight into the DominoQQ winning tips and tricks and what needs to be prepared to win this one game.

1. Prepare Sufficient Capital

One of the most basic things that players often ignore is to prepare sufficient capital. Most players have the mindset of winning as much money as possible with minimal capital

Remember again that our goal in playing this poker deposit pulsa telkomsel game is to win big, not to avoid big losses. The admin understands that your goal of providing a small depot is to prevent large losses. Even though that’s wrong because before playing you already planned to lose, it’s no wonder the results you got didn’t meet expectations

Admins have several reasons why preparing enough capital is the key to victory.

When you get a bad card, you can bully your opponent who carries a little chip, you can be sure that they will be scared because the capital they carry is limited.

When you carry a large amount of capital, your opponent will think twice about bullying you carelessly, because you can reply to his bully with your own capital.

Gives you the opportunity to play in a longer round

2. Do not place bets throughout the game

Having large capital does not mean that you are free to place bets, on the contrary, if you play too often without seeing the strength of the cards, then you will lose more often.

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3. Study the winning rules and presentation

Most Domino QIU QIU players in Indonesia have not even mastered the basics of playing this one game. Even 70% haven’t memorized any special cards in the Domino QIU QIU game. Shocking isn’t it

4. Buy the Jackpot

We never know when luck will come our way, so the admin recommends buying the jackpot as often as possible. Don’t be stingy about buying the jackpot because you can get a lot of it once. Can reach millions of rupiah.

In the next post the admin will discuss the BandarQ game which is a derivative of this game.


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