When a Poker Member Has an Account & Play on Other Sites

As it is now, online gambling games are certainly familiar things or information to the ears of the Indonesian people at this time. Why is that? This can also be good news for the Indonesian people. Why is that? Because we know for ourselves that gambling activities or games in Indonesia are strictly prohibited. People who are caught playing gambling will immediately be arrested to take responsibility and bear sanctions in accordance with the applicable regulations. But now people are familiar with technology such as smartphones, computers and laptops as suggestions that can be used to play online gambling. Plus playing online gambling is also much safer.

There are those who know online gambling games from people around them or find out for yourself. Many people have certainly started playing games or proving their results. Many people are curious and want to get money with little capital. Moreover, playing judi qq online gambling games using authentic and safe, of course this is a good solution or useful information for the people of Indonesia to date. But does everyone who plays online gambling understand or know everything about the games they play? Of course not, so members sometimes are still confused or don’t know what to do. So that there are those who ask questions with their friends, there are also those who ask through the Live Chat service.

Member Hopes There is an Account & a Popular Site

We believe and know that one member does not only choose 1 account. Of course, each member has more than one account and has accounts on other sites. There may be several reasons why members are also not loyal or are playing on other sites as well. The main reason, or in general, is because members play online gambling because the goal is to get money. But if you are unlucky, members may not want to continue to deposit funds. So the members chose to try their luck on other sites. With the hope that you can get a lucky account too, so you can keep hockey while playing. But behind that, it turns out that the members forgot about other accounts.

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When Registering, Bank Data Is Already Used

Usually there are still some people who claim to be prospective members and want to join. Then ask for help in registering an account for him. When given the data and at the time of registration, it turns out that the member had previously registered and the Username was notified of the member. There is a member who asked to delete it, even though 1 account is 1 account. Then the member also said that their password should be assisted, CS is ready to help and provide solutions that can be followed by members. Because later members will be helped to reset a new password. There are also members who are adamant and admit that they have never registered. So then whose account data will fill in again if not the member himself?

Asking Already Registered Or Not

Sometimes the way a member is also to make sure that he is registered or not. Already have an account on the site or not, usually prospective members will first ask Customer Service, by providing their account number. Then ask whether it has been registered or not, we as Customer Service also hope that members can send a correct and complete account number to make it even more precise when checking it. If there is registered, of course, Customer Service will also notify the member’s Username. But if not registered, then the truth is conveyed and the members are invited to register first. But there are also those who insist that they have registered before, but when they are checked their account number has not been registered.


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